April 1st, 2009
Hollywood Chinese
Interview Outtakes

Watch interview outtakes from the film, including Writer Amy Tan on Orientalism in films, director Ang Lee on the success of the Kung Fu genre, actor Nancy Kwan on meeting Fred Astaire on the set of “Flower Drum Song”, and more.

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Outtakes courtesy DeepFocus Productions, Inc. and Hollywood Chinese the film.

  • Marcia Carr

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could truly have a culture in america that is like a good stew. Many different ingredients, all seperate, but when blended together, make something much better than its parts. When will we all just learn to live together. Wonderful program.

  • Angela

    Great show! Good job of showing different perspectives – not all Asians are alike. I also realize how similar the Chinese American actor’s experience is to the African American actor.

  • Joanne Henriot

    Absolutely fascinating viewing. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s in southern Indiana where Chop Suey was as the documentary stated food for Caucasian Americans to consume thinking they were eating Chinese food. As a girl I thoroughly loved “Flower Drum Song” and thought that I too was great and to this day I can still sing most of the lyrics in many of the songs. But I recall feeling a bit confused why they selected the Japanese actors James Shigeta and Myoshi Umeki for two of the principal roles. You don’t have to tell “’splain it to me Lucy,” today.

  • Jane

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  • Earl

    As an American of African descent, this was truly an excellent program.It showed that no matter who we are society has some type of tag to place on us, we are ALL of the human race, and some day in the future we as a people will be able to live together without tags or labels and learn from one another for the betterment of all.Continue to produce programs that help us to see others from their standpoint.

  • BruceLee

    so long as we look, act, talk and eat different, there will be labels and stereotypes. This is unavoidable as it is built into our how our minds work – we differentiate, separate, simplify and compartmentalize. The nature of words is the labeling of things.

  • Elmer Lee

    I seen a preview of this in wtvi but I didn’t see it full just part of it. Is their anyway I can see this full video again? The movies were really great and I really want to know all their titles so I can watch them. If its possible please upload the full video or send me a link to find it.

  • Kenneth Figgs

    I thoroughly enjoyed the program! It gave me a good overview about the role of Chinese in film. Flower Drum Song is my favorite musical and it was great seeing the footage from the film’s premiere and listening to the interview with Nancy Kwan. I look forward to the DVD being issued of this informative program

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