November 22nd, 2010
Timeline of Major Events

John Lennon’s time in New York, a substantial portion of his life post-Beatles, includes many of his important moments in his biography – for both his professional life and his relationship with Yoko Ono and journey into fatherhood. Below is a series of milestones covered in LENNONYC (premiering November 22) that formed John’s life as a solo artist and father:

November 9, 1966 – John and Yoko meet for the first time at the Indica Gallery in Mason’s Yard, Duke Street, London S.W.1 for a preview of Yoko’s upcoming exhibition entitled Unfinished Paintings and Objects.

John and Yoko walking with the NYC skyline. ©Ben Ross

John and Yoko walking with the NYC skyline. ©Ben Ross

March 20, 1969 – John and Yoko are married in Gibraltar. For their honeymoon the couple stage Bed Ins in Amsterdam and in Montreal, where “Give Peace a Chance” is recorded on May 31, 1969.

August 1971 – John and Yoko get an apartment on Bank Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

December 11, 1971 – John and Yoko perform at the Ten for Two Concert, a benefit rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan to get John Sinclair out of jail.

March 6, 1972 – John and Yoko are served with deportation orders. The couple’s four year battle against deportation begins.

June 12, 1972Some Time in New York City is released in the United States.

August 30, 1972 – John, Yoko and the Plastic Ono Elephant’s Memory Band host the One to One concert at Madison Square Garden, a benefit concert for the children of Willowbrook State School.

John and Elton on stage at Madison Square Garden. ©Bob Gruen/

John and Elton on stage at Madison Square Garden. ©Bob Gruen/

November 1973 – John and Yoko separate. John goes to Los Angeles, California.

November 2, 1973Mind Games is released in the United States.

September 26, 1974Walls and Bridges is released in the United States.

November 28, 1974 – After losing a bet that “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” would never go to number one (it did), John Lennon accompanied his good friend Elton John onstage at Madison Square Garden. John and Yoko claim this concert to be the catalyst for their reconciliation.

January, 1975 – John officially returns to the Dakota and is re-united with Yoko.

February 17, 1975 – The Rock ‘n’ Roll album is released in the United States.

John and baby Sean. ©Bob Gruen/

John and baby Sean. ©Bob Gruen/

October 7, 1975 – The New York State Supreme Court votes to reverse John’s deportation order. John wins his battle to stay in the country.

October 9, 1975 – On John’s 35th birthday, Yoko gives birth to Sean Taro Ono Lennon. John begins his ‘househusband years’.

August 4, 1980 – John and Yoko enter the recording studio, New York’s Hit Factory, for the first time in six years to begin work on a new album.

November 17, 1980Double Fantasy is released in the United States.

December 8, 1980 – John Winston Ono Lennon is murdered outside of his home in New York City.

  • mark wholey

    The Beatles and I came of age together. It seemed Rock-n-roll went from adolescence to maturity through them.
    Then John struck out and said what we needed to hear. Some truth. Some fallibility. Some risks. And to this day a tear finds its way through my heart whenever I read the last line.
    I continue to learn from him like a beacon illuminates so does John’s mythology.

  • Karen Fendrick

    While watching this movie I cried, laughed and cried some more. I have been a devoted Beatles fan since I was a little girl in 1963. Their music was, and is, the soundtrack of my life. John was honest, creative and sensitive. The world lost a special spirit but will fortunately have his music weaving its way through our hearts. I loved this movie, thank you.

  • Kristen Watson

    I was four when John was killed. My mother had a turntable she’d taught me to use at a young age, and I remember putting on Double Fantasy and singing it loud. Every year since she’d play all his records and have a remembrance of her own. His music shaped my life-it’s like she used it to co-parent me in a way, to teach me about the beauty and grit of life, as she was a single mother. At my wedding my mom and I danced together to “Imagine”. He will always be a part of our lives and in my heart. Thank you for a wonderful presentation.

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