May 28th, 2009
Neil Young
Don't Be Denied

A resolutely private artist who seldom looks back, Neil Young has never before unfolded his career on camera. With unprecedented access to one of the world’s renowned music legends, American Masters presents Neil Young: Don’t Be Denied premiering nationally Wednesday, June 10, 2009 at 9 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings). The film explores how Young’s unbending dedication to the muse has created an awe-inspiring body of work and bruised a few egos along the way.

Watch a preview:

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Told in Young’s own words, the film weaves hours of exclusive interview, shot in New York and California, with previously unseen performance footage from the star’s own extensive collection. The documentary also features long-time collaborators Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Nils Lofgren and James Taylor.

“There’s no denying Neil Young as music’s most uncompromising rock royalty,” says Susan Lacy, creator and executive producer of American Masters, a six-time winner of the Emmy Award for Outstanding Primetime Non-Fiction Series. “He’s an irreverent poet with a rock and roll heart. His music embodies the arc of American experience, challenges authoritative views, defies industry pigeon-holing and continues to have an impact on musicians and fans worldwide.”

Charting Young’s musical journey from his suburban Canadian childhood to his Hollywood superstardom, an intimate camera captures the critical benchmarks and personal pitfalls of the godfather of grunge. In the late 60s, he achieved early acclaim with the short-lived yet influential psychedelic garage band, Buffalo Springfield, which launched his solo career. During this creative streak, he founded Crazy Horse and collaborated with Crosby, Stills and Nash. Adding fuel to his already rising success, these bands also shot to meteoric fame. The intensity of mega-stardom, mixed with frequent bouts of artistic differences, led to Young’s departure from both groups. He later explained his anti-star status, “I didn’t spend 10 years in the 60s and 70s creating something so I could be a prisoner of it … You know if you’re trying to stay in the favor of the public, you’re a loser – you’ll never get there.”

In the 70s, Young wrote introspective songs on multi-platinum hallmark albums, After the Gold Rush (1970) and Harvest (1972). He became an emotional chronicler on the harrowing On the Beach (1974). With his signature falsetto and idiosyncratic guitar riffs, the crude collection of tracks reflected a bleak mood stemming from the Manson massacres and Nixon’s resignation during that decade. Following the drug casualties of his two confidants (Crazy Horse’s Danny Whitten and roadie Bruce Berry), he gave the music’s answer to cinema vérité: Tonight’s the Night (1975), a spine-chilling wake for his dead friends. By the end of the 70s, he reached his peak of popularity with critics and fans favorite, Rust Never Sleeps (1979).

In the 80s, the rock veteran entered an experimental phase with hits and misses. Embracing the new waves of punk and electronica, Young teamed up with Devo on his art-house epic Human Highway (1982), a comedy film. Not one to stay static, he also released records exploring various genres including This Note’s for You (1988), a concept album criticizing the commercialism of the music industry. In the 90s, Young reunited with Crazy Horse and released the acclaimed album Ragged Glory (1990). Crazy Horse served as back-up band on Young’s solo release throughout the 90s. In 1995, Neil Young was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. More recently, Young promoted his Grammy-nominated, Iraq war protest album, Living with War (2006) on a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Freedom of Speech” tour. The film ends with Young still refusing to be denied, playing an anti-Bush anthem to a Republican audience in the South.

Neil Young: Don’t Be Denied is a production of the BBC. Ben Whalley is producer and director. Mark Cooper is the producer for the BBC. Susan Lacy is the creator and executive producer of American Masters.

American Masters is produced for PBS by THIRTEEN. To take American Masters beyond the television broadcast and further explore the themes, stories, and personalities of masters past and present, the companion Web site offers interviews, essays, photographs, outtakes, and other resources. American Masters is made possible by the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Additional funding for American Masters is provided by Rosalind P. Walter, The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation, Jack Rudin, The André and Elizabeth Kertész Foundation, and public television viewers.

  • ron kennedy

    f,n awesome i cant wait this man is a true hero to the heart of the soul of all us freaks he rich hes popular and hes still just one of us thats as best as i can describe it now. but i am so proud just to be apart of it by pulling for him since forever. wether it be the lincvolt or bashn bush or trans or whatever new thing he does its always cool and always always from the heart.

  • Bruce

    Awesome documentary and a great addition to Neil’s Archives Vol. One. Great one Shakey!

    Support your local PBS station.

  • gordon smith

    I know the name of the series is “American Masters”. So, why the canadian artist?

  • Craigo

    Canada is in North America, duh!

  • zoe sullivan

    why is it produced by the BBC is a more interesting question….Neil has lived in American for over 30 years…he’s an American Master par excellence!

  • Kurt

    Canada IS American, pal. NORTH AMERICAN

  • DJ

    Canada was in North America last time I checked.

  • Dan Heilman

    I think Canada is in North America.

  • justin

    Because “America” refers to the continent, not a specific country.

  • Bruce Morgen

    Neil Young has been a U.S. citizen for decades and has built his career mostly on U.S. soil — he was born in Canada, but he’s certainly not a thorough Canadian in the same sense as Gordon Lightfoot or Ian Tyson. Like Joni Mitchell, he’s generally considered more of a California emigre artist than a Canadian one — and I suspect he’s not the first immigrant profiled in “American Masters.”

  • Jon

    Yeah, Gordon, spot on. After all, Neil only moved to the USA in 1967(?) and only recorded all his songs in the USA, so what right has he to be featured? They’ll be featuring Dylan next, and everyone knows that it was only his grandparents who emigrated to the US as recently as 1905 (and he is a Jew — that `born again Christian schtick don’t fool no-one!). As for the African Chuck Berry… Well, perhaps we better not go there.

    Regards from an Englishman (of Welsh parentage) living in Scotland.

  • Mellody Griiffith

    I saw the episode last night, during a pledge drive for my local pbs station, he was awesome. He tell why he did some of his work like Trans and The shocking pinks album. Also he was talking about his music, not somebody else, who thought that they knew him and his music. A view of him that nobody gets to see, since he is so private. Also the reason he is on American Masters is that he is a Citizen of the US as well as Canada. Thank you American Masters for doing a program on an artist, who isn’t all that mainstream, but has enough influence with in the industry to gardner 2 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entries, just on his body of work alone. Like someone once said, Bob Dylan and him are to of the most prolific singer/songwirters in music history.

  • jean-paul

    Gordon Smith, you’re funny. Well, i hope—the other possibility is awful!

  • daevid langdon

    Why the Canadian? Well as a fellow Canadian and Winnipeger to boot, I’ld say we are happy to share Neil with the whole world. Seriously though, Canada is part of North America so he is “American” in that sense but if that doesn’t do it for you, Neil has lived most of his life now in the U.S. What’s your problem, do you suspect him of being a terrorist?

  • Paul M. Seitz

    Wake up #3, for staters how about because he affected America’s youth so profoundly through his music for the past four decades.

  • mark

    Neil Young is a Canadian; Canada is part of North America. Moreover, Neil Young has lived in California and paid U.S. federal and state income tax for more than 35 years. His wife and three children are U.S. citizens. He is an “American Masters” who deserves billing on PBS.

  • oj

    What can I say “It’s Neil”

  • Rebecca Evans

    I love Neal Young and all he stands for. Peace is Possible…

  • Brett


    Come on. The man has been an artist living in the US for 40 plus years. I think that would qualify him to be considered an “American Master.”

  • Ron Dudak

    Possibly because Canada is part of (North) America, as is the United States OF America….

  • Michael Childs

    Perhaps Gordon Smith (#3) was just cracking a little joke.

  • Pamela Koeppel

    I’m glad Neil Young is being profiled on PBS. He has been influential in American music. Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills, Nash and of course Young. He is so complex. If you check it, he’s also produced several great movies as well.

  • Rick A

    Neil rocks. He always has, always will.

  • Bill Quay

    I have been following Neil Young since Buffalo Springfield, I agree that he and Bob Dylan are the most prolific singer songwriters of the 20th century. This is truly a fantastic documentary, not to be missed.

  • Terry Barr

    I’ve been a fan since I was 14, the first time I heard “Country Girl.” I lived in Alabama–does that make me an American?–and took so much shit for loving Neil

  • Jim Cricchi

    Neil Young is one of the great rock and roll artists and this is the film PBS makes about him? Has anyone at the American Masters office watched a documentary lately? This was incredibly lazy filmmaking… two badly photograpghed Neil interviews of starkly different styles and a lot of newly shot super 8 with hardly any archival footage or stills. How many of these does AM do in a year? What a wasted opportunity. PBS should stick to what it does best, Frontlines and Ken Burns films. Was this made by the same english hack that made the Philip Glass film? Rubbish. Neil Young deserves so much better.

  • John

    Been a Neil fan since 1973 but he really pissed me off in 2006 with his Anti War crap at his concert in NJ.Neil you are an artist REMEMBER THAT who would have served his fan better if he did a 9/11 song instead of that Anti War crap aimed at Bush..Another artist to far removed from what is really going down with the average guy..

  • greenasheville

    Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

  • ed

    To John #27 reply. Neil did do a song for the 9/11 concert that raised enormous funds. Funny it is the average guy on the street out fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan and not the children of the politicians who want the military there and those who are wealthy and have influence never send their children into the military. Poor John you are just another person taken in by the far right. Just listen to the music and not rush limbaugh.

  • Roger Nelson

    In November 2001, Neil Young released a song about Todd Beamer a passenger on Flight 93. The plane crashed in Pennsylvania after Mr. Beamer and fellow passengers thwarted what many believe was to be a second attempt to attack Washington D.C. The song, “Let’s Roll.” was later released on his album Are You Passionate?. “Let’s Impeach the President” is a Grammy Award-nominated protest song written, produced and recorded by Neil Young and included on the 2006 studio album Living with War.

    Let’s see, Neil released “Let’s Roll” in November 2001; I would think the timing of that song categorizes it as a 911 tribute. “Let’s Impeach the President” was released in 2006 at a time when the majority of “average guys” was feed-up with the war and the administration that got us into it.
    Since you “been” a Neil fan since ‘73, one of your first Neil Young albums was probably “On The Beach”, released in 1974. Which as you know, until recent times, a rare record. The album cover of “On The Beach” is widely considered to be a fan favorite. One item on the cover is a newspaper on the sand with the headline “Senator Buckley Calls for Nixon to Resign”. Conservative Senator James Buckley delivered these remarks in an address to the New York Conservative Party’s Annual Dinner in October, 1974. One would suppose that Mr. Buckley was merely hoping to purge the nation of the lies and deceptions of those elected officials in whom we bestow our most trust and respect. One can be anti-war, anti- administration and in some cases anti-government without being unpatriotic.
    Most surprising is the fact that a Neil Young fan could be shocked at hearing Neil doing material that to some individuals seem abrasive, controversial and most certainly not mainstream. There is no “classic” Neil Young. There is only the “unexpected” Neil.
    “I am a lonely visitor.
    I came to late to cause a stir,
    Though I campaigned all my life towards that goal.” (Lyrics from Neil Young’s “Campaigner”)
    “all in a dream”

  • steve

    Neil did do a 9/11 song, called “Let’s Roll”. Not one of his better songs. His anti-Bush album, “Living With War” is musically much, much better.

  • Mellody Griffith


    If you saw the program, it was definately a Young produced program. The lettering alone on the screen should have given you a hint. A lot of the footage was his, so it may have been shot on a super 8. Remember, he has artistic control on everything. Look how long it took archives to appear, I knew that was in the works, ten years ago. He is a perfectionist about his work and everything else that he does.

  • paul foulkes

    Well John Says! Neil has been around much longer than 1973! He has been anti-war forever! I am not sure how you could not know this if you claim to have been a “fan” since 1973. Obviously you were a Bush supporter, so that tells me where you are coming from.

  • Brian Taylor

    Neil is a gift from Canada to the world! How about if we just rename the show AmeriCanadian Masters or maybe just Americana Masters? Dylan grew up near the border, as did I, and I’ve always been proud of it. For that matter, I always thought The Band was America’s greatest rock band–and they were all Canadian except for Levon Helm.

  • Hank

    #27 brings up a point that proves many folks are missing many of NY’s points to note. As an artist in America, I can relate to his gut to speak, write and sing free. It’s good to get pissed. That’s what keeps us free. The “Anti-War Crap”, as some may think of it… aimed at those who love to go to war without thinking, was just one more voice for freedom from hidden Bush administration agendas that took us to war but have now been made public. I think everyone is really just average when it comes to absorbing radiation, or experiencing natural disasters first hand, or attempting to live without clean water or food or shelter. I believe NY is as about as average as you can get. He just happens to be a bit more publicized… like the guy in the parade vs the one sitting on the curb watching it go by.

  • James A

    “Average guy”? Average Republican you mean. I really like that term though, “anti war crap”. A true classic.

  • Walter Wray Jr.

    I’ve been a fan since Buffalo Springfield’s ” Rock n’ Roll Woman” cranking from my phonograph player ( remember those artifacts? ). I saw him at Woodstock with CSNY and with the Horde tour some years back. He’ll always be a music artist extraordinaire to me along with Dylan. Let’s not forget he’s part Native American……..

  • Liz

    To correct all of you globalists and North American union proponents:
    American refers to the United States
    Canadian refers to Canada
    Mexican refers to Mexico
    So even though he has a green card, he is not American. He is a Canadian Master. Diego Rivera is a Mexican master. If this is the direction the producers are going in, maybe it’s time to rename the show.
    BTW, Neil and his Farm Aid cronies are doing more harm to family farmers than good. Most of the money goes to activist groups who sue family farmers until they are out of business. He’s a fraud.

  • Laura

    Ummm…. yeah. But what about the music? Y’all forgetting about that? Sublime indeed.

  • Laura

    Ummm.. yeah. But what about the music? Y’all forgetting that? Sublime.

  • kay

    Roger Nelson, thank you for your comments, they are dead on. I have also been a fan since the early 70’s. Neil is anything but average, joe or otherwise. He is a remarkable man whose music and life has been awe inspiring and comforting – I can hardly imagine my life without him. I’m setting my dvr now.

  • Ken Burnham

    Neil rocks! He’s as American as anyone else! Jeez, look at our population base and look at our history. We are all from “somwhere else”. Neil has been protesting war and politicans forever. I’m a Veteran and I don’t find his work offensive, I find it interesting!!!!

  • Rich

    hahahhaaa….someone on this thread must’ve gone to the Sarah Palin school of Geography.
    Anyway…looks like a fantastic special.
    Neil is the man! :-)

  • Rick Wilmoth

    I’d like to tell Neil he has been an inspiration to me. His music speaks for itself, but I think it is his spirit and soul that I admire the most. Alot of people have talent , however, those artist that can be decent caring people and try to make the world a better place for the rest of us deserves respect. Thanks Neil. Besides I like plaid flannel shirts and Levis too.

  • Sweet Judy Green Eyes …

    American masters?

    First Joni … now Neil… who’s next? Leonard Cohen?

    What about Judy Collins or Joan Baez or Janis Ian or Mimi Farina?

    Kurt Vonnegut?

  • The Bopper

    Hey LIZ, I would like to thank YOU for all that you’ve done. Wow, you’ve really got a handle on things! That dang Canadian Cowboy and his Farm Aid Cronies must be drinking the Kool-Aid, huh?

  • Pat Dougherty

    As one who grew up about 5 miles from the ranch in La Honda. I have never been able to say the things that meant a lot to me on a large public scale, Neil said them for me. Those of us that grew up on the fault line in the 50’s and 60’s have a different story to tell, and I think Neil told it better than anyone.
    We all hoped for a better world worked hard for it raised our kids so their parents nightmare would go away.
    Keep on speaking out Neil. Thanks for being.

  • John

    I also saw this last week and it was excellent. Not surprisingly, however, it didn’t manage to get Neil’s whole story in. If you’re a deep fan you already know about “Shakey” — Jimmy McDonnough’s terrific bio of Neil. If you want more details about Neil’s musical and personal journey, get “Shakey.” With Neil’s participation, it covers NY soup to nuts in a very engaging style, although only to 2002. And as Neil has made clear over the years since the publication of “Shakey,” he’s still got much more to give. A true Master. American, Canadian…whatever! He’s a World Master.

  • Leo Echavarria

    Hey Mellody, Neil has beeb talking about The Archives for 20 years. Back then he was calling it Decade II.

  • Roger


    The ship left the dock a long time ago on who gets spotlighted on American Masters. They did a show on David Hockney, the British born and educated visual artist ages ago. Mr. Hockney has lived and worked in LA for over 30 years and now considered an American artist.

    FWIW, this how it’s done in art history/criticism: Picasso is not considered a Spanish artist, but a School of Paris artist.

  • Steven Strnad

    I can’t wait to see the film. I’ve been listening to Fork in the Road and am in awe of this amazing guy. Canadian? American? Are you people crazy? It shouldn’t even be debated. It’s ridiculous. Neil Young has never given anything but his very best. I admire his music and personal values enormously.

  • lauchlin McKenzie

    Jeez, you guys … wars are fought over borders … does this “American” distinction make a whit of difference? It’s about the man, his art, and his message. He’s in the US by choice, and makes use of the freedoms available to him. Is there something un-American about that?

    There are many great personalities both for and against the previous administration and their policies; I’m interested in knowing their thoughts … I’ll make my own choices about whether they influence my views.

    BTW … #26 … I loved the Phillip Glass doc, and appreciated how much it was about the man. It’s fairly easy to find info about the music, but I now have a much greater appreciation of PG, the person.

  • francis bubbleworth

    You yanks took our continental name. You should refer to yourselves as “Statesers” from now on. Neil is an American Master who never got a Stateser passport, he still travels with his Canuck passpartous.

  • Richard Burton

    Does anybody know when it airs in Los Angeles on KCET? It’s not on their program guide.

  • Robert Scarpino

    To me NY is the greatest American singer / songwriter ever…I saw him in 1974 at Oakland Stadium at my very first concert at the age of 14 with CSNY…36 years later he is still the man…what a legacy…

  • Decible Dan

    hey bruce morgan get it right neil young isnt a US citizen hes kept his canada citizenship. Liz are you serious if you beleive that then you dont know anything about neil young and the type of guy he is that would never happen if hes involved with something like that. Next your gunna say he give all the money from the bridge school benefit shows to the drug companies know what your talkn about and who your talking about.

  • Richard Radke

    Liz…not that your remark deserves my time…but if Neil Young is a “fraud”….who, and what the hell are you?

  • Jim Cricchi

    Melody, Thanks for the lesson but it was not produced by Shakey films (Neil Young’s company), it was produced by the BBC and American Masters. Ben Whalley is producer and director. My only point was that Neil Young is a well documented rock star. If someone put the time into finding all of the footage that Neil shot and what others shot of him over the last 40 years, you could make an incredible film. They used some, it just didnt add up to much.

  • neilyoung_at_heart_2006


  • Marlin Brand O

    Where would music be without Neil. They should have Neil’s Face on the flip side of the Pocahontas dollar.
    Keep on Rock’n PBS

  • BM

    Folks, we are all anti-war. Neil’s music is meant to be enjoyed which is what I have been doing since the “60’s. Time to move on from the cliches and just enjoy the program. Thanks Neil.

  • Meredith hB

    I can not see this listed on my PBS station in New York for tomorrow night. I’d like to tape it, but it’s not coming up. Does anyone know what time it’s on channel 13?

  • Jessica M Traiger

    Neil Young is in my opinion a true musical artist and “social activist” who genuinely cares about the world community! I have been a fan since my teen years in the 60’s! THANK YOU for honoring this truly deserving and MOST talented artist!!

  • KM


    Too funny! Be careful, however, most U.S. Citizens (notice how I avoided “American”?) “don’t get” British sarcasm.

  • KM

    To Liz,

    I can’t imagine the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and all the other gifted artist huddled up behind closed doors saying, “Let’s put on a concert to raise money for an organization to screw the North American farmer.” How the collected money was spent should be a matter of public record. That the record company for anyone of these artist would sign a contract that would allow their artist to conspire in such a manner is unfathomable. Perhaps you could share you information sources with us?

  • Will James

    WNED in Buffalo is not showing this. I am boiling over. They have always been the worst; they show “boomer” come-ons for pledge, but show nothing of interest once it’s over. This is a MAJOR event and they aren’t carrying it. Please boycott WNED in Buffalo/Toronto.

  • Trisch

    Thank you one and all for the geography lessons, and enjoy the film.

  • MightBeMithral

    It looks like this isn’t showing on the Canadian/Buffalo station (WNED) tonight either? The Toronto newspaper reviewed the program, and said it’s airing for locals “sometime in July,” but who knows when? I couldn’t find it in the July schedule. Sad, considering “Helpless” was voted the #1 Canadian tune, and so almost 1,600 acoustic guitarists showed up in a Toronto square last weekend to try to break the Guiness Book of World Records for most guitarists playing at the same time. They all played Neil Young’s “Helpless” in unison, but unfortuately they fell short of the record by only 200 or so.

  • Disappointed

    Why is this program not being shown on my local station, Thirteen/WNET right now? Get it together Thirteen!!!

  • Ellen

    KM – most Brits don’t know what they’re talking about when they start talking about “most US citizens.” :)

  • Linda P

    Have always loved his music, and it still holds true to the ‘times’. And he sure doesn’t look too bad.
    Loved the show. Thanks, PBS

  • dave lee

    IS there a DVD avaliable for purchase of this
    presentation ?

  • Dean

    I’ve had the honor of seeing Neil Young and Crazy Horse live on two occasions. Both were extraordinary. “Trans”, which is almost impossible to find in the US, is simply amazing.

    Neil is an amazing human and an artist of the highest order.

  • Ernest McCale

    Great show. I am surpised that some of his fans seemed to be swinging to the right in thier old age.
    He is a great artist no matter what.

  • David Shofner

    Anyone who knows and loves Neil Young’s music should know IT IS ALL ONE SONG

  • Martin Smith

    Neil Young will forever be After The Gold Rush LOUD in my basement with a freshly rolled number burning its way home while friends think of little else but Neil’s words floating toward us. Life’s needs were met more simply then. We felt revolutionary in our parent’s large expensive homes. Unlike most of us, Neil lived his musical revolution. Truth we heard and felt never changed (much) even as the same can not be said for us. Personally, I never looked good in denim anyway :). Glad Neil’s isn’t rusty or asleep. M

  • Pal Val

    Long long live Neil, he is a WORLD treasure.

    If hearing his story doesn’t make you to want to get down to it and live your life good and true, I don’t know what else could.

    Well done production and his old footage was a treat. And I loved the part where he explained how ” Everybody’s Rockin” came to be, too funny.

  • Highland Hen

    I just finished watching Don’t Be Denied.I have loved Neil Young’s words, music, and attitude for ‘decades’. As far as I am concerned, he is a Master – period. And I hope those less familiar with his art will view this program, and search out additional music and films by Neil Young.

    I am Rolling On The Floor Groaning about all the posts on this blog about Mr. Young’s nationality, politics, and “what have you.” I don’t care. I’ll bet Mr. Young doesn’t either. So there.

    (Greetings to greenasheville, don’t know ya but I’ll bet we’re 1 degree apart!)

  • Hutch

    You guys are ridiculous. I’m going to go listen to some Neil . . . .

  • Dan chambers

    I was really looking forward to viewing this program, but WTTW in Chicago instead broadcast a really crappy program about somebody named Foster, not Stephen, in which, to add insult to injury, the show featured the likes of KennyG and Barbara Streisand.

    Don’t you thing WTTW should be sanctioned somehow for not giving their viewers the decent programming that you provide?


  • carrie


  • Greg

    No, they are saying AMERICAN MASTERS, not NORTH american masters.
    As usual, if its great & close to the states, they claim they own it….sorry..and Neil would be the FIRST one to point it out.
    Yea, he worked there,he was is and will always be a Canadian boy.


  • Dc

    I want to buy it. Where the %#$@ is the buy button.

  • Michael Krohn

    For heaven’s sake, PLEASE rebroadcast this one!

  • sweetleaf

    he gives us the heart of gold for us to find and aspire to.

  • sweetleaf

    ps: oh yeah, and thank you pbs/ american masters for giving us this show. as is the man so was the show…
    outstanding. “…unbending dedication to the muse…”

  • Steve

    Just enjoyed the episode on NY… wow! Love him or hate him, he models integrity over a long career of musical artistry.

  • brian baker

    i enjoyed the documentary as well and more than many i have seen because i have been a great fan of NY since the 60’s. to have a fellow artist as james taylor say NY is “the symbol of being ethical” should tell us all of his storey right there . he played what he wanted to play , he recorded what he wanted to record. he didn’t ask you to like it , it was your choice . he did it because he liked it or it woudn’t be done !

  • Al Smith

    What a great production! Not just because I love NY music or that I am a fellow canadian but because his approach to art and culture is still fresh and revolutionary. Sad but true…his attitude is rare- it should be the norm in that it is about exploration and creativity not ratings or money!
    3 cheers to PBS!

  • darcy

    does anyone know what the hell is wrong with pbs and why this is not coming on anywhere near san francisco? what the f……………………….?????????

  • Spirit Dancer

    Dear PBS or BBC,
    It sure would be nice to have Don’t Be Denied on DVD. Any hope you’ll make it available?

  • Pam Spears

    What happened? It was advertised and neither KQED or KRCB played it?

  • Bobby

    Just saw the program and loved it. I can’t believe people are complaining about Neil’s “American” citizenship status. He has been living and making music in the US for over 40 years. I do not know if he sat for the test to become a citizen, but he’s married to an American woman and I think that ensures his American status by default. Here’s an idea: fire up the ole victrola, put on rust never sleeps, pop open an ice cold bud and relax a little.All will be well with the world. PEACE

  • dan noyse

    Is there a link to watch online? Most other PBS shows you can watch online. I’ll spend five or ten minutes looking but I want to watch tonight because by tomorrow I will have forgotten all about it.

  • K. Muray

    I first heard Neil Young as a freshman at UCSB –Buffalo Springfield, there she stood on the edge of her feather, attempting to fly. I snuck away to stairwells with my guitar to try out his chords (but could NOT match those high notes). Those were in the days when tank tops, no bras, and army fatigues were considered (by some) to be a normal girl’s attire (those days are back in Portland!). He opened my mind and heart to a sensitive and sad side of men that most won’t reveal, but is there if you learn to listen for it. One part of his music seems rooted to the past, but still willing to explore meaning in the context of the future. He became the dream man I would search for my whole life (’heart of gold’) until realizing it was me I was searching for. Even though I lived near Malibu for awhile, I never quite believed in channeling. However if anyone could do it, it would be Neil. For me, he can still bring the salt spray from a Santa Barbara beach, the purr of my ‘59 VW bug behind the backdrop of an 8-track of Cinnamon Girl, and I can just catch the glint of sun off a gull dipping it’s wing over Gaviota just before it flies by my secret cave above the sea. Thanks Neil.

  • Charlie

    First of all, Neil Young, IS THE GREATEST SINGER/SONGWRITER OF ALL TIME, BAR NONE, Bob Dylan is great, but he’s no where near the talent of Neil Young, Neil is w/out a doubt THE GREATEST and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young are the real “fab four”, no other group is even worthy to carry their guitar cases!! and to Liz, get yur facts straight, u don’t even deserve to be rebutted, now go back and stick yur worthless head back in the sand!!!

  • Michael Darby

    First seen Neil (Springfield) during a filming of Groovy at Santa Monica beach (Calif.) when I was 9 years old I think around 1965 ? been a fan ever since. Not here to bicker about who’s american or not because the music is all that matters and freedom of speech. Born in Cali but live in Alaska now serching my roots. First I’m American then I’m Indian,God Bless America.

  • joanne mazzucca

    Neil Young
    Don’t Be Denied – American Masters – was supposed to be on last night at 9 – what happened? i searched the tv listings and can’t find it anywhere – when is this going to air please

  • Jack Stroud

    Neil Young is a true American Master. It’s all about the music to Neil and I applaud him for having the stones to write & sing his songs about whatever his soul tells him too! He is my American Master hero. Whether he be with Crazy Horse, CSN, The Shocking Pinks, The Squires, Buffalo Springfield, etc., he is, and always be the “Grandaddy of Grunge!”

  • Mark Evans

    In Chicago the show will be on today, June 11th at 4:00 pm. Let’s take the afternoon off and all go home and watch it.

  • Russell in Portland

    If your local PBS station did not air this, CONTACT THEM and ask them to air it. All local PBS stations make their own decisions about programing, and PAY FOR IT LOCALLY. So, GET INVOLVED, join and volunteer and communicate with them about the programs you want to see. It aired here in Portland, on Oregon Public Broadcasting, and airs again Friday June 12 at 3 AM.

  • Marconet


  • Susie Q

    I can not even begin to say how much joy Neil Young’s music has given me…I date myself in saying I’ve been on the band wagon since After the Gold Rush and have been hooked ever since!

    I was watching the special last night and cried in anguish as there were a few interuptions through out the show from my dish service…my recording will not be complete so I’m going to purchase it from PBS’s site.

    I was nearly first in line for the HORDE FEST in Portland Oregon and thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

    Long live Neil…when ever hearing a new release is due to be out I’m all over the net looking for it to purchase…

    I don’t care if the man came from Mars…it’s sweet music to my soul!

  • Allan Jenkins

    I saw the program last night, and would buy the dvd in a heartbeat. Neil has an unmatched body of work. The program took me back to graduate school – when many of Neil’s more obscure lyrics provided the inside jokes that kept us going. If we were headed out for some excitement, it was time to “Saddle up the Palamino.” Walking into an Advanced Microeconomics exam that we knew was going to shred the last of our notion of compentency, half of the class joined in with “He tried to do his best, but he could not. He had bullet holes in his mirror.” The professor didn’t know what was going on – just like Neil would have wanted it.

  • Jess Hansen

    Great program !!! My only problem is that I fell asleep during the last fifteen minutes of the show. WHEN WILL IT BE REBROADCAST ???

  • De Wilhelmsen

    Wow, what talent! What memories! It was great show and I hope the DVD will be available. It is a rare performer who can link generations together to enjoy the same music; NY has done this. Thanks-

  • Jack Meeusen

    When I was really down… I put on the Cowgirl and so many other bone-creeping songs. Neil’s numbers got me up again. Thanks PBS. From across the water…

  • Pete

    I’m hearing something like, the show was pulled in places because the rights to offer the DVD were withdrawn at the last minute. If true, that doesn’t sound unlike something Neil himself would do!

  • MB

    #2706/04/2009 :: 11:54:12 AM
    John Says:

    “Been a Neil fan since 1973 but he really pissed me off in 2006 with his Anti War crap at his concert in NJ.Neil you are an artist REMEMBER THAT who would have served his fan better if he did a 9/11 song instead of that Anti War crap aimed at Bush..Another artist to far removed from what is really going down with the average guy..”

    Funny, John I was at that same concert, at the Tweeter Center in Camden. I thouroughly enjoyed the show, and I love it when Neil gets political, which is rare. You must have been one of those washed-up, identically dressed yuppies with the ironed jeans, penny loafers and LL Bean sweater tied around you necks I was sitting next to…that is, until CSN&Y broke into “Let’s Impeach The President,” then you left. Good riddance, losers.

  • Donna D

    Danny Whitten is/was my Uncle and he passed when I was 2 so even though I don’t remember him as a person I will always know his talent and love for music while with Neil. RIP Unlce Danny and Rock N Roll Forever Neil! You’re the best!

  • Chris Maddox

    The program was schedule on KQED in San Francisco last night at 7:30PM but didn’t air. Did anyone else see it last night? (10th June)

  • George

    While he has every right to continue with his ever-present war protests, and while I’m no fan of war, would Neil Young be able to do what he does if it was not for people who have died for our country in order to keep it free? I think not. He would probably be a simple, unskilled, laborer. I enjoy his music, but not his politics.

  • chuck roberts

    Who cares where he’s from, he rocks nad I hope he does for years to come. The first time I heard Southern Man I knew he was someone to listen to forever. I just wish he would release Time Fades Away.

  • Dan

    Too true, just too true. When I lived in LA I used to drive through the canyons, especially Topanga, listening to Neil and had moments of clarity when, as true as truth can be, Neil’s music stood second to none. It’s all about the music…..

  • Tom Horn

    The only time I’ve ever seen Young live was in 1974 on a CSNY tour.

    By damn, some of his music was just great when he was young. I don’t really like much of anything he (or CSN) has/have done since about ‘75. But at least he has tried to keep moving forward. Unlike, say, Neil Diamond, he didn’t start out with some real promise and then lapse into blatant commercialism.

    As far as “Let’s Impeach the President for Lying,” I agreed completely with the sentiment (although of course next we would have had Shooter Dick Cheney–would that really have been any better?), and the folks who got mad about that song were (and are!) willfully ignorant at best. . .but it wasn’t much of a song. Time was Neil Young said it straight and it was also listenable.

  • mr sid

    Pretty sad that the PBS station for the SF Bay area where NY lives isn’t broadcasting this program but is showing us for the 10 billionoth time Ray O. in concert. Well their error, I was about to join in a big way to become a member. Snooze you loose

  • Pam Spears

    I called KQED to ask why they did not air Don’t Be Denied. The person who answered the phone said that Warner Brothers backed out of providing DVD’s for the pledge program and therefore they decided to air the program later in the future. This is very frustrating…does this sound right? Why is no one talking about this? I have scoured the internet and there is no dialogue about this. Why can’t American Masters or PBS or Warner Brothers or Neil Young answer this. I was really looking forward to seeing this program. Obviously other stations aired it. What gives?

  • Highland Hen

    When will thie be available on DVD? I just visited the “Shop” and it isn’t there.

    I can’t believe Buffalo/Toronto and San Francisco didn’t broadcast it on June 10. All I can say is, the ‘public’ in Public TV means complain LOUDLY at your local PBS station!

    Contractual obligations my patoot. Neil Young would never put up with that, and neither should any PBS station – nor any PBS viewer.

  • Arb Bonfatti

    When I first connected with Neil I was coming off my first “true love” relationship in 1970 and I was able to listen to his version of “Oh Lonesome Me” on “After The Gold Rush”.

    I have been totally connected in a personal way ever since. “Living with War” is only the latest in a long line of truly classic pieces of work. As my friends have heard me say many times, “more Neil”…

  • Uncle Bill

    Both the Cleveland and the Akon PBS afilates failed to air American Masters, which was really disappointing.

  • Magnolia40

    Watched it last night. Awesome in the fullest sense of the word.

  • Uncle Bill

    Both the Cleveland and the Akron PBS afiliates failed to air American Masters, which was really disappointing.

  • Johnny Boots

    Oh my God I can’t believe I missed this. Why is it only showing once? Only on CPTV not 13? No repeats? How can this be?
    Am I missing something? Anyone know when it is on in NY/CT area?

  • Alex

    More Neil,please – I can’t get enough. How about an unedited version for sale for us devoted fans?

  • Robert Ellington

    I live in sf and American masters was not televised. I even canceled plans for this show, but I was “denied”. If I come accross the brain fitness telethon again, I’m going to have a stroke. Big time. Air this show for us neil young fans!!!!! Please.

  • andrew malyon

    It seems to me that the least KQED and its affilliates
    can do is offer an explantion on their web site as to why the program did not air.

  • pat

    My lifelong friend in CA just told me it would be on. Checked the guide and will see it Monday 6/15. CAN’T WAIT! I’ve seen NY live 5 times and enjoyed his music since the 60s. Keep on rockin in the free world!

  • KK

    I am as confused as Pam. I waited all week to watch it on KQED and it never appeared. So frustrating! What’s the answer, KQED? You ask us to be donors, now how about a straight answer when you don’t follow your programming?

  • irene Schlesinger

    I’m with you, Pam. .. so frustrated that we are not getting this in the Bay Area!

  • Sheila West

    Just wondering, what brand sunglasses Neil was rockin’? The early stuff in Winnipeg was amazing. Sounds like Charley Manson got around a lot. Driving all the way to LA because he did’nt trust anyone else. Loved all of it.

  • J Wong

    Where is this show? Comin’ KQED lets have some customer service here and update the Bay Area audience on the status of this episode. I can’t afford shelling out the #350 for Neil’s Blu Ray Volume One Retrospect so I was looking forward to this particular episode. Thanks.



  • bernard shuck

    read all comments.saw pbs by accident.knowing neil is alive, and all his work, has made life in this fascist plutocracy more tolerable.”Cowgirl…”is, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, the greatest r/r song EVER.and BLANK david geffen.

  • tom bray

    this is the best documentary ever done on Neil Young. I’ve had the pleasure of making music w/Neil on and off for over 20yrs and it’s ALL about the music. Living With War was a statement that had to be made and Neil had the balls to do it at a time when it wasn’t a popular thing to do. On the tour there were death threats and bomb sniffing dogs. For the 1st time the history on C S N Y
    they didn’t cancel one show on that tour. I’m waiting for the new Neil & Crazy
    Horse “Toast.” You guys at American Masters should release this on D V D.
    This is a great piece of work. Thanks..

  • tom bray

    Great documentary. Neil’s never opened up like this on camera. I had the pleasure of playing trumpet w/Neil off and on for the last 20 years and he’s the real deal.
    It took a lot of balls to release Living With War when he did. During the Freedom of Speech tour there were death threats and we needed bomb sniffing dogs. Thank you American Masters for getting this right. Very Cool!

  • David Geffen

    Neil Young should have retired in 1980. His muse had died but he was too stubborn to admit it.

  • biiugi

    Hey – I was watching this and it got all distorted and choppy – when is the full length episode going to be archived so that I can watch it on the MAC since the goddamed TV obviously doesnt work – very frustrating!!!


  • J.Krysiak

    SF Bay Area PBS stations KQED and KTEH really dropped the ball for local susscibers by NOT showing the Neil Young/American Masters episode, after it was being advertised to premier week of June 10. What were they thinking–not even an explanation on the website…poor/ a good way to lose subscribers..

  • Gary Crow

    Having played Neil’s music for decades on the radio (KZOK Seattle), I found this inside look into his life processes AMAZING! Obviously Neil is true to his music, but his intense passion is a must watch. Enjoy, it is an amazing journey from Mr. Soul about his soul.

  • Chris

    I heard that the reason the show did not air was because Neil himself pulled permission. I’m not sure if this is true but it would be just like him to do so given the long delay in the release of archives. If true I hope he will change his mind…

  • camper van johnson

    hey, guess what? the show didn’t air on knme in…albuquerque!! what gives? anyway, i notice many references to neil and bobby d. as the supreme singer/songwriters of their (our?) generation. i would respectfully submit the name of van morrison, as well, despite the fact that his music comes more from r ‘n b/soul territory than the folk/folk-rock idiom. interestingly enough, all three (young, dylan, the belfast bullfrog) were prominently featured at the band’s ‘last waltz’ performance. there’s always more to the picture than meets the eye.

  • Spoon Phillips

    Please say this will be re-aired in the NYC area some time soon! I was out of the country and missed it.

    By the way, an awful lot of true American masters (in art, letters, the sciences and government) weren’t BORN in America. Mr. Young has been a Californian a lot longer than he was an Ontarian or Manitobian.

    tsp, nyc

  • Judy Reynolds

    I only caught the very end of the show. Can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of the next to the last song? Chorus: Haleluyah, haleluyah, haleluyah, halelu-u-u-u-yah.

  • Freddy in Wisconsin

    Wonderful program…just saw it now! Flip!!! Flop!!! CSNY dissing the right-wingers cracked me up!

    As a fan who loves rock and classical music equally, I find in Young parallels to Beethoven in style and in attitude: their great masterworks all sound different from their other masterpieces; both were democracy-minded; neither were sycophantic toward the establishments of their day; both told off critics regularly (read about the horn flourish in Beethoven’s Third Symphony)…and both will be remembered as geniuses as long as there are people (today’s rock stars will be tomorrow’s classical geniuses–I’m not putting you on here!).

  • Benno

    Will this air again!?? I am so bummed i missed it. Booo! Play it again, please?

  • Karlene Hutson

    I unfortunately missed this special and wondered if it will air again in the near future?

  • Emily

    When is this going to be on again!? I missed it, and have been hearing all about it from friends :-(

  • Dan Daley

    I too was denied “Don’t De Denied.” WMFE out of Orlando Fl advertised that they were going to carry it at midnight of the 10th and I stayed up to watch. Sadly it wasn’t on the air. They had a fundraiser of some sort and I called the number provided and asked why it wasn’t on(even though the Direct TV “info log” said it WAS on) I was courteous and kind but the person who answered didn’t have an answer. The schedule also said it would be on the next night at 3 AM. Guess what! Same thing. I am MOST disappointed at this PBS affiliate. Is this a matter of a station not liking Neil because of what he stands for? Now I see that most people got to see it. I arranged my schedule so I could see this – TWICE! All for naught.

  • Rev.Robert Ashley Beagle

    This was one of the best Neil Young/ CSN & Y Documentaries I have ever seen.

  • bill Lange

    When will this documentary air again?

  • Jeff

    I wonder if that dude that said “I like to knock his teeth in”, after Neil’s “Let Impeach the Pres” song watches PBS?

    Right on Neil!

  • Don Harris

    I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s loved neil then and more now after seeing more of his head space, the last
    of American Masters! the guy who said he can suck my -
    —! stupid son of a – - – - -! What would be cool is to find the guy and see what his thoughts are now after bush screwed us all.
    “keep on truckin NEIL YOUNG”
    PS: Neil PLEASE do another gig in memory of and a tribute to,
    DON & VIV

  • Chap Steadman


  • katie wilson

    I missed it, when will it show again. He is an ICON!

  • R McKay

    Please show it again.

  • r mckay

    Please re-broadcast.

  • Peter Rodriguez

    It will air again on Sat. June 20th 8pm, June 21st 2:30am, June24th 3:30am.

  • Cameron

    Who? What? Where? When? Why? If you’re not answering those questions don’t build a website. “Check local listings?” should be changed to “this episode only airs in about two markets.” What a waste of time trying to find this series that isn’t carried by most pbs stations. Looks like a great doc though.

  • Phillip C. Thomas

    I enjoyed the show. I am glad I live in the U.S.A. . The 1st amendment is still alive. I do not think I will be traveling to Iran. I do not think most of the people who responded to the show would see a new dawn in Iran, including me. What about the music? I thought it was about the music. Long live John Wayne!

  • Bernard S.

    I set my DVR to record it last night in Los Angeles. Instead I got some guy in a ponytail playing the violin.

  • Sheryl Renken

    It didn’t air in St. Louis on KETC because it was the THIRD WEEK of “pledge programming”. I can only hope PBS chooses to rerun it, so the rest of us won’t be denied any more. I can’t believe the failure to run the program in other locations had anything to do with Neil – for KETC, I know it didn’t.

  • Shelley Green

    I was really looking forward to watching the program. It has been scheduled for airing three times in the past week or so – on KOCE (I live in Ventura county). The cable guide as well as the schedule on KOCE indicated that the american masters show would indeed be the profile on Mr. Young. Instead, each occurrence was a inconcert performance of a very good violinist.

    My luck with Neil has been poor as of late – I held tickets to see him last Nov/Dec in LA, and when we arrived at the Forum learned that the concert had been cancelled due to union conflicts.

  • The Great NoMo

    Neil Young is GOD……………..and has been for a very long time. Thanks, Shakey….we’re still out here!

  • Bernard S.

    I think it’s time to privatize PBS. The other 300 channels on my cable seem to be able to manage their schedules, but PBS can’t.

  • Michael P.

    I made a living playing Neil’s songs in bars and restaurants for years. Sure glad he came along!

  • david

    one of the most inspiring things i have watched in a long time. excellent. thank you.

  • Kristi Wiswell

    Missed it — Please show it again!

  • Sean

    I am not sure that it matter all that much. However, as of 2005, Neal Young was a Canadian citizen. He made it clear in a Time Magazine interview that he did not want to give up his Canadian citizenship. Although, he also acknowledged that he could be a dual citizen. He noted that since his wife is from California, he would probably continue to live in the US.

  • Stuart Edmondson

    Rock N Roll is here to stay and Neil Young still rules! Great production on’Don’t Be Denied’and mucho cudos 13/WNET for giving broadcast TV viewers an option to the Jerry Bruckheimer cop show networks! Time to load some Neil Young into my IPOD! Sure nice to see those endowment dollars at work like this.
    Keep em coming at all costs!

  • Joe Black

    for those who missed it, a tiny bit of stuff here:

    Neil explains his love of plaid shirts!

  • James Kronenberg CPA

    Watched this program in awe and stunned by Neil Young’s ability to combine his gifted musical talent with soulful insights into life. He has lifted music of the baby boomer generation to a lasting legacy for the generations that follow. God Bless Canada for giving us an American Master !

    Wondering what happened to the DVD of this program – unable to located in the PBS shop yet after the program was aired there was a video tag immediately following about purchasing this episode of American Masters. Hoping for some feedback on this ! Thanks !

  • janice aas

    I’ve followd Neil’s career since 1970. To say the man is awesome is an understatement. From Laural Canyan days to now—there is no other. I’ve been lucky to see him preform live many times; if you haven’t had that expeirence you’ve missed out. The pbs special was fab; I learned alot more abour Neil . Please let there be a dvd!

  • MBatt

    Saw Neil’s show in Paris last month while on vacation. It was a transcendent experiece. No talk, just the music, played with joy and enthusiasm. 6,000 stunned Parisians floated out of the arena. Rockin’ in the Free World in action.
    The true “American Experience” is universal.
    Thanks for the documentary.

  • sean

    Very interested in purchasing DVD. My brother is suffering from bi-polar disorder and have commented on how much he like Neal Young. More info or link would be great. Much thanks.

  • John Repka

    I wish it had been three hours longer. The scene with Neil and Devo jamming on Hey Hey My My (into the black) is worth the price of admission.

  • andy schwertman

    i love neil young’s music espcially when he was with crosby stils and nash he is one of the the rock n roll guitarists of all and at least if anybody tries to tell me that his music is poopy they’re crazy

  • Dennis Browning

    Show the program again!

  • kelly wms.

    stumbled upon this and was in awe…
    wish it had been longer…not enough time to delve into each album and his thoughts..
    thought i had every album, and never knew of his time w/DEVO; can’t wait to see that movie!!!

  • Gregg

    Neil Young. Better than Great…Brings back memories and vision of a stage set, for a future we have not realized.

    First heard around Devil’s Lake Wisconsin, with the Zimmerman Family of Baraboo. One of the greatest times of my life.

  • Stannous Flouride

    In the SF Bay Area on KQED this week (I’ll be watching it for a 2nd time):
    KQED 9HD
    Wed, Sep 2, 2009 — 9:00 pm
    Thu, Sep 3, 2009 — 3:00 am
    Sun, Sep 6, 2009 — 11:00 pm
    Mon, Sep 7, 2009 — 5:00 am
    KQED Life
    Thu, Sep 3, 2009 — 8:00 pm
    Fri, Sep 4, 2009 — 2:00 am

  • ddriver


  • James

    This prog was the best ever. I have about 2000 CDs and Neil’s are the best of em all. Alongside with Nirvana and Michael, Young is the greatest musician of all time. Is this available on DVD?

  • rvrside

    my my hey hey rock and roll is here to stay…

    hey hey my my rock and roll will never die…

  • Joe Kayser

    How can I buy a DVD of this show?

  • Paul

    The first rock concert I ever attended was Strawberry Alarm Clock, Buffalo Springfield and The Beach Boys. I have been in awe of Neil Young ever since then. I, like many others on this post, wish the film could have been 3-4 hours. What an incredible body of work.

  • john

    Where can I buy the dvd?

  • Ron Sydor

    Can I mak a donation and purchase this recording?

  • Dennis

    I saw the Neil Young series on 10-14-09. Where can I get a DVD? I would like to purchase it.

  • dennis

    I also saw this program and thought it so well done I would like to be able to see it again. Where Can I Buy a copy of this program?

  • Ellen

    why isn’t anyone talking about the Cinnamon Girl album?

  • Ellen

    why hasn’t anyone mentioned “everybody knows this is nowhere”? a true classic

  • Tom

    Been a Neil Young fan for decades, through all the changes, fascinating to follow him, and the music has so many facets about it and one unvarying quality: quality itself. Voice perfect, guitar amazing, songwriting genius-level and completely without pretension.

  • Dale

    When will the DVD be available for purchase? Will you reair the show?

  • Elmer

    Gosh, I can’t figure out how to watch this online. Are people supposed to be able to watch it online? I can’t figure out why not.

  • Catherine

    I have been comming back to this site since the original airing trying to find out how to buy a DVD for myself and relatives who are big fans….someone could be making some good money off of DVD sales of this fantastic American Master’s special
    on a real music icon…Neil Young!

  • MJP

    I’m completely amazed at the comments by people like “Liz” and “francis bubbleworth.” Where do you folks get your facts? Neil Young NOT an American citizen?? Farm Aid does more harm than good?? GREEN CARD?!?? You people just cannot be for real. Not that it even matters, but Neil Young IS every bit an American citizen (and Master) and has been for many, many, many years, and Farm Aid helps give family farms a fighting chance against the corporations that want to feed America mass-produced crap. Put down the Kool-Aid.

  • Donna Billings

    Will the Neil Young “Don’t be denied” american masters series be reaired? My husband and I missed the show and are so disapointed. We would love to see it or buy the DVD if possible…thanks,Donna

  • Tim Moore

    Please Help. I am looking everywhere for this program on DVD. I have found at but I am not sure about the origin of the copy.I would really like to find Don’t be denied to buy.Thanks

  • Kathy

    I too, waiting for the DVD to be released! Is it out there? I can’t find it in “Shop PBS”. Would rather give any profit directly to PBS than buy elsewhere. Maybe they can enlighten us as to when it will be available!

  • BoomersRock

    Gee, I have watched this several times already. What a great program, what a great career! I never got “into” Neil’s music at the time, some of his singles yes,

    Loved the song he sang on Dick Clark. Gotta find that song! He was so cute! Can see the light in his eyes.

  • Kiljoy

    For those who didn’t see the documentary, and are waiting for a rerun, I was able to find it online.

    As a Canadian, I think it’s neat that Neil was born north of the border, but he has spent his entire adult life in the U.S., so no problem with him being an American Master. Great artists belong to everybody.

  • Kathy

    Definitely re-broadcast…but when is it going to be available to purchase on dvd?!!!

  • Catherine

    I have been comming back to this site since the original airing trying to find out how to buy a DVD for myself and relatives who are big fans….someone could be making some good money off of DVD sales of this fantastic American Master’s special on a real music icon…Neil Young!
    I’ve also sent in a request to several local libraries to add this to their collections….all are willing but no one seems to be able to locate a source for purchase…
    PBS…please release this yourself or sell it to Netflix etc.

  • a t hunt

    re re re broad castcast cast..denied..since june 09??we wait. neil loves nashville..sell the DVD whos running pbs…. hbo oldies

  • katie

    We’re dying to see this again. Will you please re-broadcast or make it available on DVD to purchase?

  • Jeff

    Will this ever air again?? I missed it and never got a copy even though I worked on it. PBS doesn’t offer the dvd and I can’t find anyone else who offers it either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff in So CA

  • Dale

    Please rebroadcast. Please sell DVD. I’d love to support PBS again, but I’m waiting until I see this show.

  • Spencer

    fabulous! A must see!

  • skatenlayton

    Well, all that glitters isn’t gold
    I know you’ve heard
    that story told.
    And I’m a pauper
    in a naked disguise
    A millionaire
    through a business man’s eyes.
    Oh friend of mine
    Don’t be denied.

  • Tracy

    If I’m not mistaken, I believe these gems are held back from the public in retail venues because they use them in their pledge drives as thank you gifts.

  • Rev. Robert Ashley Beagle

    Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young will forever be my favorite all star band. Neil Young, what can I say , I love his music!!!!

  • JoAnna

    Neil Young Last nightCharley Rose in July 2008 on PBS, It lightened me about the wonder gift that Neil is using, not just from his music, But from his fame to trun around the transportation system with no gasoline stations, using pure air pressure to power cars like they have in Alstralia. The experince that Neil Young has impacted marketing Lional railroad toy trains, used that engineering on the project. I was privileged to hear Neal the frist time at 12 yrs never for got the feeling He put out with His voice and music. At 52 I still feels that way. He has really made a diffrence in the way he has portraded his life with his wife and family and working onmaking the world a better place just like he wanted in the start of His journey. Luv JoAnna JAM

  • Mike

    KLRU is scheduled to show the Neil Young American Masters show on Wednesday June 9 at 7:00 pm.

  • Bill Carroll

    I sure wish I could buy this DVD! Fantastic video about the man himself. Come on PBS, sell it to the public!!

  • Guitar Dave

    I would like to think that music has no Borders,Its all for everybody to listen too. A man is a man . dog is a dog, music is apart of the person who plays it ,,simplicitey is amust but hard to attain

  • Rob Campbell

    For some reason our PBS station did not carry this – shame.

    BTW: Neil is Canadian. Lives and breathes in the US but is not a US Citizen.

  • Grant

    Neil is AMERICAN in every way, but citizenship! The Canadian artists I support are truly Canadian – they share winters with us, pay taxes, raise families here, vote and share our experience. The Bare Naked Ladies, The Tragically Hip, Sarah McLaughlin, Randy Bachman etc. and of course Bruce Cockborn, who lives a few miles from me. In my opinion Bruce Cockborn is a true Canadian musical hero. Neil Young was just another talented musician/songwriter who wanted fame and fortune above all else, yet denies it. Sometimes there’s a price to be paid and Neil’s paid it in spades.

  • Rob Campbell

    I was just clarifying some earlier posts claiming Neil is a US citizen. There is no question that ‘America’ has made him what he is today.

    Don’t get me started on Bare Naked Ladies. Don’t get me started on Canadian winters.

    I live in Canada and I have been to Woodside and stood at the boundary of his ranch – I can’t blame him one bit for living down there. Beautiful.

  • Richard Pass

    Still looking to purchase a copy of “Don’t Be Denied”….Neil – give it up!

  • Kathy C

    Also still waiting to be able to buy the DVD!!!

  • MsLynn707

    WOW, I’m so sorry for having missed this on the first go round, efnnnn Neil Is A Master, A Genius, A Rock n Roll Giant that will always be one of the GREATEST and here I’m sitting @ 1:20 am on 09/12/10 looking back on the strange day of 9/11 nine yrs on and reflecting on that day back then and now where it all has gone and still Neil remains the Genius of a guitar player and Composer Extrordinaire………………Peace & Aloha, Lynn

  • Richard

    Young lives in the US, pays US taxes, but he is quoted in a 2006 interview that he would never give up his Canadian citizenship.

  • burton poole



    neil was from the sixties

  • bp

    to burton poole


  • Dark Knight

    WOW, I’m so sorry for having missed this on the first go round, efnnnn Neil Is A Master, A Genius, A Rock n Roll Giant that will always be one of the GREATEST and here I’m sitting @ 1:20 am on 09/12/10 looking back on the strange day of 9/11 nine yrs on and reflecting on that day back then and now where it all has gone and still Neil remains the Genius of a guitar player and Composer Extrordinaire………………Peace & Aloha, Lynn

  • A FAN

    How can I buy the PBS show featuring Neil Young. I saw it on TBS TV and was amazed at the mans talent

  • Kelsey

    I too want to buy “Don’t be Denied” but it doesn’t appear to be for sale yet? Or is it? Thanks

  • Rick Edwards, Louisville

    A FAN and KELSEY:
    Haha. I have the same question. I found this site after searching Amazon for the last hour, looking to purchase this. I saw it on Jan 1, in Louisville, the last time it is currently scheduled to air here.
    I LOVED every second of it. Neil is my all time favorite artist. And, to be frank, I DO NOT agree with his politics. But, that won’t keep me from jamming on Ohio and Cortez The Killer, this Sat night! I do agree with freedom of speech.
    The film showed footage ( only a few seconds, but footage all the same. Or, should I say secondage?LOL)) of the 74′ CSN& Y reunion tour, which I saw at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. (And, still, to this day, is the best concert I’ve ever seen.) Of course, it had a little from the “Living With War” tour from a couple summers ago. I saw that show 4 times ( Columbus, Indy, St. Louis and Pittsburg.) St. Louis and Pittsburgh were the last two nights of the tour.
    To sum up, this is my all time favorite music documentary. It doesn’t show any complete songs, so don’t think it is a concert film. But, I loved every second, and can’t wait to find it.
    Again, I DO NOT AGREE with the man’s politics. But, I knew what I was getting into before I went. As Neil says many times, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSE. (for me, anyway.)
    “Having Neil Young in your band is like having the wind in your band.” David Crosby, in the film. “Neil Young is like a force of nature. It’s like breaking open a stone and water springing out.” Sweet Baby James, in the film. Peace and Love. I think I’ll roll another number for the road….

  • amintern

    The Neil Young DVD is currently unavailable for purchase. Thank you for your interest. We hope you continue to visit the website for many more new exciting profiles and upcoming premiere information.

  • Dave – Austin

    Just saw the documentary again tonight. No where else can you see such quality programming such as this. Thanks once again for making TV worth watching….

  • diabetes

    I was beginning to wonder whether I was going to find good information on this subject. Thank goodness you’re here. I will bookmark this content.

  • maison a vendre montreal

    It’s encouraging to see writing like this online. I respect the work you do and the effort you have to put into getting this kind of material ready to write.

  • Sjoerd Zwoerd

    Now where is the information? I would like to watch the whole doc, but after having googled for MONTHS, I still haven’t found anything. No DVD to buy, no VOD, no paysite, no nothing.

    Does the documentary exist AT ALL?

  • mary b

    Have been a NY fan my whole life. Too see him connect with The Ramones and Devo…(saw them both in NYC and NJ) deepens the love. I lost reception during the show and would like to purchase it. Extremely well-done, thank you!

  • Pattie S

    Can you tell me please – when will this re-air? I caught it once earlier this year by accident. Would love to see it in entirety. NYC/NJ Cable Co’s were playing it.

  • Catherine

    I am adding my voice to the list of people wanting to see this outstanding documentary again. There are several members of my family who are HUGE fans and “Don’t be Denied” would be the best XMAS gift ever!!
    Please let us know if there is anything in the works at PBS or elsewhere to release this DVD or if it will be replayed again on PBS.
    Thanks for any information you might provide~

  • Lyle

    I have searched the entire web looking for this DVD.

    Could someone let me know how I could buy this for my brother.

    Thank you.

  • Geraldo Trusler

    This is a subject matter that is near to my heart. All the best!

  • Hermila Abbassi

    I totaly enjoyed reading and learning. .Thanks, i will sure come back in the future.

  • Mike

    Great doc “for what it’s worth.” I am still waiting for a longer, more in depth look at Neil’s career, though maybe that keeps him mysterious. One note would be comments by people who say they stopped liking him after his 2006 Living With War album. Anyone who loves Neil Young would know that he is neither left nor right wing. He’s just…Neil. He has made statements that support both sides and he tells like it is….he is blunt, and many Americans can’t deal with that because they don’t actually believe in free speech unless they agree with what’s being said.

  • Richard

    I’m still trying to locate and purchase “Don’t Be Denied” but it is definately not on the “American Masters” catalog nor has it been since the 2009 broadcast. Any suggestions?

  • Kathy

    I really would like to purcase this dvd. I saw on another website that Neil blocked the rights to sales of the dvd. I wonder why.

  • ron cartwright

    Am NOW, always HAVE BEEN & ALWAYS WILL BE a Fan of Mr. Young’s. Have had the Pleasure of witnessing him LIVE countless time’s during the 90s – early 2000’s. No matter the venue, with or without our beloved Crazy Horse, Neil Young’s immense talent CANNOT BE DENIED.
    Rock on Neil, rock on HARD!

  • william baker

    I am interested in purchasing the pbd dvd don’t be denied neil young,
    could you please kindly write me back and supply me with the information and cost ?

  • Linda Hess

    I am another Neil Young fan who wants to purchase the PBS dvd “Don’t Be Denied.: Checked your website but it isn’t available. Sold out? Any suggestions?? Thanks for taking time to reply.

    Request–What about featuring the amazing talent/human being Laura Nyro on American Masters.

  • bill toston

    would like to purchase copy of Don’t Be Denied
    if at all possible help please

  • bill toston

    would be nice if pbs would make copies available to buy thankyou

  • Lee Garipoli

    How can I get a copy or view Don’t Be Denied by Neil Young

  • Bev batten Simpson

    I love American Masters and the excellent treatment given to the persons in its episodes.

    However, as a Canadian who hails from the same neck of the woods as Young and as a strong PBS supporter, it bothers me that Mr. young is portrayed as a AMERICAN Master. Canadians are constantly trying to assert their own identity.

    I applaud the Americans for recognizing Neil Young’s genius. I accept that, like many other proud Canadians (Lorne Michaels, John Candy, Martin Short, Dan Ackroyd, Catherine O’Hara, Christoper Plummer, Ryan Gosling, Peter Jennings, Morley Safer, Steve Kroft, Justin Bieber, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Paul Anka, to name but a few), there is often a need to seek exposure in the U.S.

    But, please don’t call us American. What would be far more suitable, in my opinion, would be to have another show
    on PBS which recognizes the gifts these Canadians give to the US. As a bordering country, PBS openly asks for our financial support and we are willing to provide it. But please be consistent and recognize our many gifts for what and who they are.

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