Alice Waters

Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution

Filmmaker Interview

Writer and Director Doug Hamilton has answered a few questions regarding his film “Alice Waters and Her Delicious Revolution.” Doug Hamilton: One of the things that is exciting, fun, and a bit scary about making a documentary is that no matter how well you plan out your film, it will always change in the edit […]

Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution


The AMERICAN MASTERS documentary on famed restraunteur Alice Waters contains mouth-watering footage of select dishes prepared at her restaurant, the world-renowned Chez Panisse, which prides itself on the use of fresh, luscious, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Even if you don’t live in sunny California, you can still prepare the following recipes: Strawberry Orange Compote This […]

Alice Waters and her Delicious Revolution

Alice Waters and Her Delicious Revolution

BY RUTH REICHL Alice Waters lies in bed at night worrying about what to feed you. She knows that she can make you happy. She also knows, in her hidden heart, that if she can find the perfect dish to feed each person who comes to her door, she can change the world. Every great […]