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Alice Waters remembers her early friendship with James Beard


Alice Waters recalls a party early in her friendship with James Beard. Waters was nervous bringing her young daughter over to Beard’s home, but the two made a wonderful impression on one another.

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Really brings back so many memories because it was at Marion Cunningham's house, and she said that it was really important that I brought my daughter Fanny over to her house to have breakfast and to meet James. And I just, you know, I didn't, I was sort of uncomfortable about sort of bringing this little tiny child over and interrupting their breakfast, and when I showed her to James, he just melted.

He just looked at her and they looked at each other. And this is a beautiful picture of them looking at each other, deeply.

And I think some knowledge must have been passed on because she's a wonderful cook, and certainly very curious and that picture expresses it all.

I remember he lifted up his sunglasses and put them on his forehead.


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