Episode 9: Earl Slick

In episode nine of LENNONYC: Beyond Broadcast, meet Earl Slick, legendary lead guitarist, who originally met Lennon during David Bowie’s Young Americans sessions. In 1980, Jack Douglas brought Slick on to play guitar for Double Fantasy.

Les Paul: Chasing Sound

Chasing Sound

IN MEMORIAM: LES PAUL 1915 – 2009 THE WIZARD OF WAUKESHA By Dave Tianen reprinted with permission from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel New York – For decades, arthritis has slowly devoured the talent in Les Paul’s hands. The right essentially has become a stiff claw. The ring and pinkie are all that is usable on […]

Les Paul: Chasing Sound

Career Timeline

“The Wizard of Waukesha” took up his first instrument, a harmonica, at age eight. By 13, he was performing. His incredible trajectory is thoroughly explored in AMERICAN MASTERS Les Paul: Chasing Sound. Here are some highlights from his life and career. 1915 Lester William Polfuss is born June 9 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to parents George […]