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Lesson 1 Lesson 2
The American Dream
Grades 9-12. In this lesson students will explore the idea of the "American dream" in the past and present, and through real and fictional human stories. They will consider what the American dream is, if anyone still believes in it, if it still achievable, and what drives people to pursue it. Go to Lesson #1
The History of the American Novel
Grades 9-12. In this lesson students will discover social themes and writing styles authors have used in American novels. They will consider the history of the American novel in terms of the literary movements that have occurred within the context of American history. Go to Lesson #2
Lesson 3
Grades 9-12. This lesson will help students use the book THE JUNGLE, by Upton Sinclair, to study the progressive era of the United States. Using information from the book and what they know about their communities today, students will develop an understanding of life during this time period. They will compare and contrast the lives of immigrants then and now and examine the persuasive power of the Socialist Party on women and immigrants. Lastly, they will research modern labor laws and decide which ones would have been beneficial to the people working during the progressive era. Go to Lesson #3
migrant workers
The American Novel