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It's time to test your literary know-how. Take the Lit Quiz to test your knowldege of the major works and authors of the American Novel. Decipher literary symbols or guess story characters in the flash quiz show, To Tell the Truth. Learn more about the historical, social, personal and literary influences on 10 important American authors in the Context and Hypertext feature.
Blindness Marlin Quilt Shoes
Blindness Marlin Quilt Shoes
In this novel, blindness is literal and literary. It symbolizes racism.
This novel won its author both a Nobel and a Pulitzer.
Sewing serves as a symbol of women's strength and unity.
In this novel, shoes are sole coverings and represent sex.
How well do you know the work of these two authors?
Truman Capote
Truman Capote

Vladimir Nabokov
Vladimir Nabokov
Context and Hypertext
Go outside the novel's pages to explore the people, places and events that influenced great American stories.
The good, the bad, the misunderstood. How well do you know the American novel's cast of characters? In this literary quiz show, you'll separate real characters from imposters by asking revealing questions. Be careful -- answers are often similar, but only one complete profile tells the truth. Your challenge is to identify the genuine character using as few clues as possible.

To Tell The Truth
The American Novel