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My Favorite Novel : Story List
An Introduction to Irony
I first read 'The Great Gatsby' in my junior year of high school. I had to read it twice because the first time so much about the novel flew over my head. Afterwards I wrote a class report on the book that I titled "The Not So Great Gatsby." Little did I understand that Fitzgerald never meant to glamourize Gatsby. Gatsby was meant to be imperfect, but always reaching for perfection. The novel has stayed in my mind since then and I've reread it several times. It is appealing in so many ways. The prose is flowing and is the poetic precursor to the prose of Jack Kerouac. Mostly, though, it is Gatsby that stays with me. Looking at the green light accross the bay with the happiness he craves so near his grasp. So many people can identify with that.
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