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Australia: Beyond the Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
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Glossary of Aussie Slang

amber nectar -- beer

ANZAC -- Australia and New Zealand Army Corps

back of beyond -- far away in the outback

bail up -- to rob

billabong -- a watering hole

bloody -- general all purpose adjective, once thought profane

bludger -- a sponge who lives off the labor of others

cobber -- a friend

cuppa -- a cup of tea

digger -- Australian soldier

g'day -- hello, good day

good on ya -- well done, general term of approval

jackaroo -- apprentice cowboy, station (farm) hand

jumbuck -- sheep

Kiwi -- New Zealander

larrikin -- boozy, anti-authoritarian, mischievous fellow

mate -- friend, buddy

outback -- the bush, the interior of Australia, or desert country

plonk -- cheap wine

Pom or Pommy -- an English person

swagman -- a vagabond, a tramp

up a gum tree -- in a bad situation

vegemite -- black, yeast based bread spread

walkabout -- travel on foot for long distances

wowser -- a puritanical, blue-nosed, do-gooder

Yank -- an American



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