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Australia: Beyond the Fatal Shore Robert Hughes
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Web Resources


National Library of Australia: Electronic Australiana

Documenting A Democracy: Australia's Story

The Australian Commonwealth Government

A Guide to Australia

Archives of Australia

Encyclopedia Britannica: Australia,5716,119613+1,00.html

The First Fleet

First Fleet Fellowship

Australia's Cultural Network: A History of Australia

Port Arthur

Port Arthur Historic Site


Sovereign Hill Gold Museum: The Library


Immigration Museum

Asia Pacific Migration Research Network (APMRN)

ANZACs and Gallipoli

Returned & Services League of Australia: Commemoration -- ANZAC Day

World War I: The Gallipoli Campaign

The ANZAC Day Tradition

Leaders of ANZACs

Nuclear Tests in Australia

Australian Institute of Criminology

Australia's Science Archive Project

The Stolen Generation

Sydney Morning Herald: The Stolen Generation

Amnesty International: Australia Silence on Human Rights: Government Responds to "Stolen Children" Inquiry

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: No Stolen Generation: Australian Gov't

The Washington Post: Australia's "Stolen Generation" Seeks Payback

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice

Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC)

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

The Referendum

Australian Electoral Commission

Parliament of Australia: Parliamentary Library

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Divide and Rule

Alan Bond

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Alan Bond Walks Free

Sydney Morning Herald: The Bond Files

Sheep Station

Sheep'O: The Australian Sheep and Wool Industries on the Web

New South Wales Agriculture: Sheep

"Waltzing Matilda"

"Waltzing Matilda"

Banjo Paterson's Manuscript of "Waltzing Matilda"

A. B. Paterson: Who Was "The Banjo?"

Australian Slang

Aussie Slang

Koala Net: Australian Slang Dictionary



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