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Berga: Soldiers of Another War
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About the Film
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The locomotive, which often transported prisoners to their deaths, has a symbolic association with the Holocaust.

In 1954, Charles Guggenheim, a 29-year-old television producer and director, founded his own small film production studio in St. Louis, Missouri. Nearly 50 years later, Guggenheim Productions, Inc., is now located in Washington, DC, and has completed over 500 titles. Their completed works range from full length feature films to campaign biographies, political spots, industrials and more than 100 social, political, and historical documentaries. Guggenheim has been honored and received a Peabody, four Academy Awards, and a historic record of 12 Academy nominations.

His daughter Grace came to work with Charles in 1986 and has produced more than 20 of Guggenheim Productions' most current titles.

In addition to continuing to make documentaries, the company is broadening the aftermarket and availability of its current films. Considering the widespread crisis in American education today, their intent is to make available to the public as many film titles from the collection as possible. The primary mission will be to widen the distribution to educators and museums around the world to inspire and celebrate our American heritage. The company's goal is through a clearer understanding of our American journey to make the world a better place.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Archives will work with Guggenheim Productions on preserving critical titles from their holdings in conjunction with The Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary at the National Archives. The downtown state-of-the-art theater is currently under construction and will open in the year 2005. The center will not only offer annual celebrations of the work of Charles Guggenheim and the vast holdings within the Archives, but it will also develop and integrate year-round programs that celebrate other accomplished documentarians, past and present.

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