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Berga: Soldiers of Another War
Stories of Berga What Would You Do? Timeline & Maps Berga and Beyond War Crimes
Intro My Story Berga Witnesses The POWs Remembered

Interactive: My Story In-Depth Profiles: Berga Witnesses
Two soldiers assisting another soldier
Learn more through first-hand accounts of those who were there, including many whose stories do not appear in the film.
Select a witness
Memorial: POWs Remembered
See the entire list of the 350 men at Berga, along with electronic versions of the original handwritten documents.
This multimedia feature utilizes video, audio, text, still images, and historical photographs to present the key stages of the Berga tragedy from men who endured it.
Portion of handwritten list
This section presents the Berga experience in a variety of media. My Story delivers an interactive multimedia experience that implements the new technologies of Flash 6. Berga Witnesses offers a slightly less high-tech approach: text transcripts, audio, and video clips reveal the one-on-one interviews conducted by the late director Charles E. Guggenheim. Finally, The P.O.W.s Remembers lists the Berga P.O.W.s.

The materials in this section complement the film and reflect the thorough research and intimate interview process that went into it. Without the inherent time constraints of a 90-minute film, we present dozens of perspectives on the Berga tragedy. The stories are many, and the voices are unique.

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