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Berga: Soldiers of Another War
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The Prisoners List Please note that this list contains flaws. It is based on a U.S. government document created, after the war, in order to reproduce the original handwritten list compiled by Nazi officials.
Photo of soldier
In some cases, the Nazi officials made errors in identifying the names of the American P.O.W.s. In other cases, the transcriber of the list misread, or was unable to read, the handwritten names; where possible, we have amended such deficiencies. Yet certain entries are illegible, and are listed with a question mark -- just as they were identified on the U.S. government document from which this list was copied.
Headshot of soldier
Enter to read the prisoner list
Finding a name historical document
Portion of handwritten document
Tips Though the list is not alphabetical, you can still search for a specific name by using the "Find" option under your browser's "Edit" menu. Please be sure to check all five pages of the list.
This list is based on a government document, but is not 100% accurate. The names of some Berga soldiers may be missing or misspelled.
See some of the original handwritten documents. (356 K)
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