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Berga: Soldiers of Another War
Stories of Berga What Would You Do? Timeline & Maps Berga and Beyond War Crimes
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Berga Witnesses
In creating the film BERGA: SOLDIERS OF ANOTHER WAR, the late director Charles Guggenheim conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with nearly four dozen surviving witnesses. In this section, we present selected stories from their compelling experiences.
These men, prisoners in Bad Orb, narrowly avoided Berga.
He literally lifted me up and forced me to walk and brought me back to life. And he would not leave me alone and not let me quit. And he is my hero. - Al Abrams
G.I.s discuss capture, life at Berga, the death march, the relief of liberation, the effects of the tragedy, and much more.
Check out this personal narritive -- hear audio
European Jews were also at the Berga camp.

Herschel Auerbach
Quentin Cramer
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