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Berga: Soldiers of Another War
Stories of Berga What Would You Do? Timeline & Maps Berga and Beyond War Crimes
Intro Part I. Identity Part II. Escape Part III. Sabotage Part IV. Death March
Part I. Identity -- Do you identify yourself as Jewish to the Germans?Captured soldier
Captured soldiers

"To be or not to be?" The dilemma posed to the Jewish G.I.s at Bad Orb was no less existential or agonizing. For many, it was a matter of pride -- how could I deny my heritage, and why would I want to? "I was born a Jew; I may as well die one," one soldier recalled thinking.

Yet the answer to that question is simple: survival. As virtually all of the survivors of Berga recalled, imprisonment invoked a kind of primitive instinct. The vile and inhumane living conditions they were subjected to would bring an experience none could have imagined.

Question: Do you identify yourself as Jewish to the Germans? Answer:
Yes No

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