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Changing Stages: Shakespeare
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Between Brecth and Beckett
The Law of Gravity

How do changing interpretations of the greatest playwright ever tell us just as much about our times as they do about his plays?

Evening 1: Sunday, August 26, 9-11pm (E.T.) - William Shakespeare casts a shadow over virtually all of Wester Civilization
-- and his work represents the beginning of modern theater. CHANGING STAGES tracks the seminal productions of Shakespeare's plays over the 20th century and examines how, in each era, we see ourselves reflected in his work. CHANGING STAGES follows the evolution of contemporary Shakespearean performance, focusing on two of the world's greatest actors -- John Gielgud, who defined an acting style for his generation, and Laurence Olivier, who brought a new psychological realm to Shakespeare. Richard Eyre explores the living legacy of Shakespeare's plays with Judi Dench, Peter Brook, George C. Wolfe, Arthur Miller and others, featuring some of the most memorable performances of Shakespeare ever recorded.