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Changing Stages - The Law of Gravity
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Between Brecth and Beckett
The Law of Gravity

In a land struggling for freedom, Irish writers gave birth to a new kind of theatre that would help change the destiny of a people.

Evening 4: Sunday, September 9, 9-11pm (ET). In the last century, theatre achieved some of its greatest triumphs, even in the face of growing challenges from the mass entertainment of film and television From "The Lion King" and "Les Misérables" to Antonin Artaud, Peter Brook, and rave-generation physical performance art via "De La Guarda," Eyre argues that, in order to survive, theatre must be more intense and more powerful than ordinary life. Leading international artists, including Brook, Stephen Berkoff, Robert Lepage, Julie Taymor, Tony Kushner, and Trevor Nunn, all of whom are actively molding the theatre's future, share their aims and experiences. In its final installment, CHANGING STAGES poses questions about theatre's future and the roles audiences and playwrights themselves play in shaping the stage of tomorrow.

Panel discussion: An evening with Richard Eyre at New York's Public Theater
On August 20, 2001, Richard Eyre hosted a special presentation on the new directions of contemporary theatre at New York City's Public Theatre. The panel participants include Mel Gussow, theatre critic for the NEW YORK TIMES, Richard Eyre, George Wolfe, artistic director of the New York Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater, and Tony Kushner, Tony- and Pulitzer-prize-winning playwright. more