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Who's Dancin' Now?
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Who's Dancin' Now?

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outreach & development

Telling Stories through Dance
Grade Level: K-2

Learn For Yourself in Dance
Grade Level: 3-5

Media and Advertising: Who's Selling What?
Grade Level: 4-6

What If: The Seed of a Story
Grade Level: 5-8

Introducing Visual Literacy
Grade Level: 7-10

The Classroom Zoo
Grade Level: 9-10
Sounds, Stories, and Symbols: Finding the Music in Me
Grade Level: K-2

Sounds, Stories, and Symbols: Musical Apprenticeship
Grade Levels: 3-5

Sounds, Stories, and Symbols: Power of the Podium
Grade Levels: 6-12
Making A Scene with Norman Rockwell
Grade Level: 5-6

The Great Shakespeare Experiment
Grade Level: 7-8

The "Producing Edgar Allen Poe" Challenge
Grade Level: 10-12
New Colors and Different Sizes
Grade Level: 1

Figures in Motion
Grade Level: 5

How We See Things
Grade Level: 10