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Who's Dancin' Now?
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Who's Dancin' Now?

Talk With Your Community
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Select an individual state from the menu, at right. This will narrow the breadth of discussion to one state, enabling you to share concerns that are more indicative of that state's demographics, resources, and educational policies. We encourage you to use this interactive medium for outreach purposes. For example, you can post announcements for arts education conferences in your city or school district, ask members of your community to sign petitions invoking educational reform, or locate other individuals with similar interests who may be interested in starting an arts education program in your school or community. We want you to use this bulletin board as an instrument for the promotion of arts education.

To help start the process, we suggest diving into the following topic:

Through arts education, students are stimulated and encouraged to simultaneously incorporate and call upon their emotional, intellectual, perceptual, and aesthetic experiences. Such a multitudinous and cohesive form of learning is unique to arts education. Within this ability, lies its strength. But how do we know it's working?

  • Should the arts be presented as a learning experience with clear objectives and measurable outcomes?

  • But how do we assess the skills and knowledge gained through arts education?

  • Beyond students, how do we hold teachers and administrators accountable for providing successful and meaningful arts experiences?

  • How do we qualify "success" in arts education?

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