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Web Credits
Television Credits

Web Credits

Production Staff
Producer: Anu Krishnan
Production Assistant: Diana Cofresí-Terrero
Copy Editor: Leslie Kriesel
Intern: Amanda Williamson
Writer: Joel J. Brattin

Design Staff
Art Director: Sabina Daley
Designer: Brooks King
Designer: Karen Mattson

Technical Staff
Technical Director: Brian Lee
PHP Scripting: Ben Chappel
HTML Implementation: Brian Santalone, Ana Duff

About the Writer

Joel J. Brattin is Professor of English at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has published extensively on Charles Dickens and other Victorian writers in such journals as DICKENS QUARTERLY, THE DICKENSIAN, DICKENS STUDIES ANNUAL, and NINETEENTH-CENTURY LITERATURE, and is a past president of the Dickens Society.

Special Thanks
Rodney Gorme Obien, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, George C. Gordon Library, Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Anton Lesser as Charles Dickens
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