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Web Credits
Television Credits

Television Credits

Written and Presented by
Peter Ackroyd

Cast in Order of Appearance

Charles Dickens
Anton Lesser

Ellen Ternan
Natasha Little

Frances Ternan
Avril Ellis

John Byrne
Christopher Etteridge

Lawrence Mercer
Tom Bowles

Catherine Dickens
Miriam Margoyles

Elizabeth Dickens
Prunella Scales

John Dickens
Timothy West

Kate Dickens
Helen McCrory

John Forster
Kenneth Cranham

Dickens as a boy
Calum Hardeman

Bob Fagin
Jack Chissick

Geoffrey Palmer

Dickens as a young man
Joseph Traynor

William Barker
Trevor Peacock

Mary Hogarth
Lucy Davenport

Catherine Dickens as a young woman
Rachel Swann

Charley Dickens
Jack Davenport

Panto Dame/Actor
Peter Mair

Sophie Duval

American Journalist
Harry Ditson

Former Prostitute
Sonia Ritter

Georgina Hogarth
Phyllis Logan

George Reynolds
Robin Soans

Music Composed by
Andrew Blaney

The BBC Wishes to Thank

The Medway Little Theatre
The City of Westminster
Dickens House Museum
Gad's Hill School
Kent and East Sussex Railway
Hulton Archive
Mary Evans Picture Library
National Railway Museum
The Palace of Westminster

Betty Etty
The Niagara Parks Commission, Canada
New York State Office of Parks,
Recreation and Historical Preservation
Gordon Rowe
British Film Institute
Company Television

Berkshire Record Office
Churchs Conservation Trust
English Heritage
Kent Wildlife Trust
The Type Museum
Janine Watrin

Film Archive Courtesy of BBC
David Copperfield
A Christmas Carol
Nicholas Nickleby
The Pickwick Papers
Great Expectations
Our Mutual Friend
Martin Chuzzlewit
Bleak House
A Tale of Two Cities
The Signalman

Film Archive Courtesy of Carlton
Oliver Twist

Film Archive Courtesy of Company Television/BFI
Nicholas Nickleby

Casting Director
Maggie Lunn

Location Manager
Jane Soans

Victoria Richards

Make-Up Designer
Kirstie Stanway

Make-Up Assistant
Eve Wignall
Lou Desborough

Costume Designer
June Nevin

Costume Assistant
Deborah Cantor

Digital Effects
Ian Simpson

Rostrum Camera
Laurie Conlon

Dubbing Editors
Edurne Bengoa
Michelle Mascoll

Geoff Hockney

Videotape Editors
Steve Jamison
Paul Farmer

Dubbing Mixers
Steve Hudson
Chris Graver
Nigel Powel

Jesse Stoecker
Martin Lzat
Paul Parsons
Josh Pitt
Tony Burke
Greg Melesworth

Production Executive
Patrick West

Production Secretary
Michelle Clinton

Production Co-ordinator
Ben Lawrie

Production Assistant
Margaret Hulse

Production Manager
Joanna Hatley

Jane Mayes

Lighting Camera
Fred Fabre
Douglas Hartington
Spike Geilinger
Patrick Duval
Mark Molesworth

Film Editors
Colin Minchin
Michael Duly

Assistant Producer
Robin Dashwood

"Secrets" & "Terror To The End"
Produced and Directed by
Chris Granlund

"Blazing Away"
Produced and Directed by
Mary Downes

Executive Producer
Andrea Miller

For Thirteen/WNET New York
Project Manager
Jane Buckwalter

Business Affairs
Arlen Appelbaum

Coordinating Producer
Sonoko Aoyagi

Supervising Producer
Junko Tsunashima

Director, Program Development
Bill O'Donnell

Director of Culture & Arts Documentaries
Margaret Smilow

Director of Culture & Arts Programs
Jac Venza

A Presentation of Thirteen/WNET New York

A BBC/Opus-Arte Co-Production

This program was produced by BBC and Opus-Arte who are solely responsible for its content.

© 2002 BBC All Rights Reserved

Anton Lesser as Charles Dickens
© 2003 Educational Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved.