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The Secret of Life Playing God Human Race Curing Cancer Pandora's Box Timeline 3D DNA Explorer

TV Credits

Series Producer
David Dugan

Episode 1 "The Secret of Life" and Episode 5 "Pandora's Box"
Produced & Directed by David Glover
Edited by Joe Bini

Episode 2 "Playing God" and Episode 3 "The Human Race"
Produced & Directed by Carlo Massarella
Edited by Paul Shepard

Episode 4 "Curing Cancer"
Directed by Carlo Massarella
Produced by Thomas Alkin
Edited by Julian Rodd

Narrated by
Jeff Goldblum

Assistant Producer
Ana-Paula Lloyd

Production Manager
Anne Cafferky

Production Coordinator
Claire Bugden

Bob Hanna
Chris Morphet
Mike Coles
Boyd Estus
John Chater
Chris Openshaw

Additional Camera
Jon Sayers
Mike James
Mike Robinson

Rick Patterson
Peter Eason
Ian MacPherson

Studio Director
Ian Duncan

Original Music
Max de Wardener

Music Performed by

Production Administration
Sue Harvard
Kristina Obradovic
Val Prodromou

Archive Research
Judy Patterson
Helen Weiss

Graphics Producer
Max Whitby

The Mill

Molecular Graphics
Drew Berry

Aiden Farrell
Tim O'Brien

Fusion Post

Cliff Jones
Karl Mainzer

Project Manager
Julie Schapiro-Thorman

Post Production Supervisor
Tara Thomas

Executive in Charge
William R. Grant

Executive Producer
Beth C. Hoppe
A Windfall Films Production for Thirteen/WNET New York in association with Channel Four.

© 2003 Educational Broadcasting Corporation and Windfall Films

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Web Credits

Brian Brunius

Associate Producer
John Uhl

Science Writer
Magdalena Eriksson

Science Advisor
Max Gottesman

Production Assistance
Peter Tierney

HTML Implementation
Brian Santalone

Art Director
Sabina Daley

Karen Mattson
Radik Shvarts

Graphics Production
Ruiyan Xu
Brooks King

3-D DNA Explorer
Marcel Blum

Technical Director
Brian Patrick Lee

Lesson Plan Writer
Viki Babcock

Special thanks to Randy L. Jirtle for his photo of the lab mice feature in the activity Fat Mouse/Skinny Mouse.

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York's Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager. Carmen DiRienzo, Vice President and Managing Director, Corporate Affairs.

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Funding for DNA is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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