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Episode 5 : Pandora's BoxEpisode 5 : Pandora's Box

James Watson We asked Jim Watson to give us a tour of the future. He believes DNA science should be used to change the human race.
His views are both extraordinary and extremely controversial. Watson argues for a new kind of eugenics -- where parents are allowed to choose the DNA of their children -- to make them healthier, more intelligent, even better looking. His vision may be disagreeable, yet it's a natural consequence of the decades of scientific exploration launched by his and Francis Crick's discovery of the double helix. It's worth considering what effect the advancements in genetic science may have on our future.

Produced/directed by David Glover and edited by Joe Bini.

Learn More about the future of genetics in the Special Report.

The Scientists Speak:
Photo of Sir Paul Nurse Sir Paul Nurse: "When the public is not involved in discussion and debate about the outcomes of science, we are in real danger."
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The Scientists Speak:
Photo of Lawrence Shapiro Lawrence Shapiro: "There are elements of biology, probably large elements of molecular biology, that we still do not understand."
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Family tree Boy in wheelchair
Photo (top): James Watson. Watson discovered the structure of DNA with Francis Crick in 1953. Ever since, he has remained very involved in the advancements of genetic science. In particlar, he was instrumental in gaining government support for the sequencing of the Human Genome.
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Genetic samples
How can something as complex as a person function with a mere 30,000 genes?
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Family tree
A family shares a message of love with parents everywhere.
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