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Sequencing DNA
Shedding Light on X-Ray Crystallography

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The DNA television series and its Web episodes are a valuable resource for teachers and students. In this section we are pleased to offer lesson plans and activities for middle school and high school teachers that are designed to take up no more than one or two classroom periods. Videotapes for schools, libraries, and other educational institutions are available for purchase online through Films for the Humanities and Sciences (1-800-257-5126) or from Shop Thirteen. Each DNA episode can be taped off-the-air and used for educational purposes for one year from the initial broadcast.

Ananda Chakrabarty Me First!
Students create and play their own board games, using real scientific facts and milestones, to show just how competitive scientists can be.

DNA sequence Sequencing DNA
After learning about the Human Genome Project, students perform a paper-cutting activity that simulates the action of restriction enzymes and helps them understand how DNA can be sequenced.

Double helix Shedding Light on X-ray Crystallography
A teacher demonstration 'illuminates' and clarifies how X-ray crystallography works, using some ordinary objects and an overhead projector.

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