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EGG the arts show
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African Hair
the inside info...
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photo It's not uncommon for African Americans to use their hair to express their social and political views, as well as to make a fashion statement. EGG gets a front row seat at a runway-style hair extravaganza, Golden Scissors, in Washington, DC. We take a tour of the exhibition "Hair in African Art and Culture" at the Cantor Arts Center in Stanford, CA, that features ancient masks, wigs, and figures. Hair salons, hairstyles of all kinds, you name it -- EGG finds out what hair has to say about you.

TV Credits
produced by: Claudia Pryor-Malis, Gregory Branch
additional field producer: Steve Harris
camera: John Bergh, Howard Shack, Steve Harris, Ezra Bookstein
edited by: Tom Patterson, Diana Vozza

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