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Gary Greff
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photo What Gary Greff lacks in finances, he makes up for in vision. His plan is to create ten enormous metal sculptures along a stretch of road off of Interstate 94 that he hopes will lure tourists and their dollars to the area. Greff has already completed about half of them, including a grasshopper made out of recycled oil-well tanks and a trio of 45-foot tall tin men. Right now he's working on what may be the largest metal sculpture in the world: a flock of geese that are over 95-feet tall, 150-feet long, and that when completed will weigh over 60 tons. EGG hits the road and takes a drive along The Enchanted Highway, soon to be the "Metal Capital of the World" and currently, the studio for self-taught artist Gary Greff.

TV Credits
produced by: Dempsey Rice
camera: Matthew Akers
edited by: Keith Reamer, Tom Patterson

The Road