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Alan Scott
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photo Alan Thicke (Alan Scott) is a seven-time Emmy Award-nominated actor and writer and a Golden Globe nominee for his role as psychiatrist Jason Sever on GROWING PAINS. In Canada he authored a nationally syndicated humor column and hosted the hit talk variety series THE ALAN THICKE SHOW, and the late-night THICKE OF THE NIGHT in the U.S. In 1998 he made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award winning "Chicago - The Musical." He has been honored as "Father of the Year" by numerous family oriented charities, and his proudest productions are his three sons.

"This project [EGG's BROADWAY WORKSHOP] is one of the most interesting, compelling, and totally confusing efforts I've ever participated in. I have no idea what we're doing on one day to the next. ... Sometimes I'm me, Alan Thicke and sometimes I'm Alan Scott, and sometimes I'm Rodney Forbush. I'm so confused, but I think that's exactly what the director had in mind. Because there are about three levels of reality going on. There's the show, there's the show within a show, and there's the making of the show with the making of the making of the show which was a show until it was a show. So, it's a lot of fun and it keeps us on our toes. It's a great way to work and they move you in and out of whatever reality you are supposed to be in at the moment. And, who the hell are you, anyway?"

- Alan Thicke

Broadway Workshop