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Egg: the arts show
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Chicago's Sound Experiment has over twenty different programs with an eclectic mix -- everything from classical to ska, gospel to hardcore punk. Includes a live webcast.

History of Jazz Music
Comprehensive index of artists, timelines, history, etc.

Instrument Encyclopedia
This resource features musical instruments from around the world.

History of Rock and Roll
A detailed exploration of the development of Rock and Roll styles from 1954-1963.

Early Women Composers
Site dedicated to women composers with parallel illustrations by women artists.

Glass Pages
Everything you ever wanted to know about Phillip Glass.

The Creative Musicians Coalition
An international organization dedicated to the advancement of new music and the success of the independent musician.

Virtual Capoeira
The most comprehensive Capoeira Store and Capoeira Community online. Find Capoeira pants, Capoeira videos, Capoeira music, and berimbaus! Search schools, rate DVDs and CDs, and watch free video clips on how to play the berimbau.

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