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Egg: the arts show
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Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
The once-infamous performance art organization now presents equally outrageous events online. Features plenty of historical documentation, plus new projects.

New Media Encyclopedia
The Centre Georges Pompidou in France, Museum Ludwig in Germany, and Switzerland's Centre pour l'image contemporaine have collaborated to produce this encyclopedia of new media artists from the 1950s through 1990s.

Memory Palace
A presentation of art made outside mainstream culture. There are guest speakers, as well as an on-going discussion on the role of art in the lives of "real people."

Transform Art
Transform Art is a collaborative effort of individual artists and a non-profit site devoted to promoting the work of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary artists.

The Live Art Archives
Information about existing Live Art/Performance Art materials, records, and publications primarily in England and the U.K.

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