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Chip is a sheep-herding Border Collie that lives in northern England with his owner,Raymond McPherson. Sheep-herding dogs make sure all of the sheep go where the farmer wants them. They must do this without hurting the sheep.This is an important job, and Raymond thinks Chip is the best at it.

Chip the sheep dog"He's so dedicated...so responsive to commands. We regard each other as a working partnership. He's not only a working partner, he's a friend."

Border Collies love to herd and they love to work.

Chip and sheeps"My dogs are very happy when they are working. The expressions on their faces tell the tale. If you want to be cruel to them, don't give them any work."

Managing sheep is exhausting work, but Border Collies like Chip can work a sixteen-hour day and still be ready for more!

See Chip works In this short movie, see Chip and his friends run to exactly where Raymond tells them.

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Chip | Hasty | Cracker | Twany | Molly & Scooter

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