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A Brooklyn Family Tale - About the Series
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A view of Manhattan from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. (This photo was taken before the terrorist attacks that destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center.)

About the Series: Credits for TV and WEB

WEB Credits

Brian Brunius, Producer
Mendy Johnson, Associate Producer
Josh Zizmor, Production Assistant
Peter Tuerney, Video Assistance
Jennifer Huegel, Photography

Brian Lee, Technical Director
Brian Santalone, HTML Implementation

Sabina Daley, Art Director
Sabina Daley with Ruiyan Xu, Designers
Ruiyan Xu, Production Artist

TV Credits

Roger Weisberg, Producer & Director
Murray Nossel, Producer & Director
Julie Sacks, Field Producer
Deborah Clancy, Associate Producer
Stacey Barnett, Production Assistant
Mary Conner, Production Assistant
Bill D'Agostino, Production Assistant
Joedan Okun, Production Assistant
Chen-Hsi Wong, Production Assistant

Howard Sharp, Editor
Edward Marritz, Cinematographer
Mark Suozzo, Original Music
Douglas O'Connor, On-Line Editor
Dow McKeever, Sound Editor
Marsha Moore, Sound Editor
Dow McKeever, Post Production Sound Mix
Juan Rodriguez, Principal Sound

Annie E. Casey Foundation
The Casey Family Program
Child Welfare Fund
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
Freddie Mac Foundation
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
Fund for the City of New York
Herman Goldman Foundation
George Gund Foundation
The Hite Foundation
Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation
A. L. Mailman Family Foundation
Pinkerton Foundation
Felix and Elizabeth Rohatyn Foundation
Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
Silverweed Foundation

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