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A Brooklyn Family Tale - Center for Family Life
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Center for Family Life: Profile: Julie Stein Brockway
Julie Stein Brockway
Julie Stein Brockway is the co-director of the Center for Family Life. She is also a graduate of Yale University with majors in psychology and dance. She received her Master's degree in social work from the Hunter College School of Social Work. She has extensive experience in social group work, improvisational drama, (Family Life Theater) and in the arts, and is founder and director of "Life Lines" Community Arts Project, a program component of Center for Family Life since 1982. Mrs. Stein Brockway developed innovative in-school partnerships with teachers at Middle School 136, as well as other community area projects and has helped to initiate the Sunset Arts collaborative. She conducts training for agencies and schools throughout the New York City area on topics related to youth and community development, group work arts education, and has taken the "Life Lines" troupe to a variety of academic and community settings. In addition to twenty years at the Center for Family Life, Mrs. Stein Brockway has been an adjunct group-work instructor at the Hunter College School of Social Work since 1997. She won the prestigious Annenberg grant for the integration of arts in school curricula and was awarded for her distinguished contribution to field instruction of graduate students in the Hunter College School of Social Work.

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