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A Brooklyn Family Tale - Center for Family Life
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Center for Family Life: Community Services
Photos of the community The Center for Family Life incorporates a wide range of services and supports for families in Sunset Park for no fee. The Center is available to any family resident in Sunset Park with at least one child under the age of 18 in the household.

Family Counseling

The Center for Family Life is a primary source of individual, group, and family counseling services for children, youth, and families of the Sunset Park community. The Center offers a blend of formal and informal family, individual, and group methods. The Center does preventive work and early intervention as well as crisis management and remediation. The goal of this work is to sustain children and youth in their own homes.

School-Based Programs

From its inception, the Center for Family Life has had a strong bond with the schools in the community through its school-based programs. The Center offers after-school programs, teen evening centers, and summer camps to the children and youth in Sunset Park. Programs and activities at the three schools include:

  • School-Age Child-Care and Summer Day Camp
  • Counselors-in-Training
  • Teen Centers
  • Recreation and Athletic Programs

    Youth Employment Programs

    The Center for Family Life is committed to year-round employment programming for youth as it relates to work preparation, career development, and school-to-work activities. Programs have included the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), School-to-Work (STW), and Youth-to-Work, a school-year employment program.

    Emergency Services

    Some families find short-term strategic help in our storefront center, where we sponsor (together with 20 churches and organizations) a community-wide Emergency Food Program, a Thrift Shop, and an Advocacy Clinic.

    Adult Employment

    The Center For Family Life Employment Services (CFLES) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Brooklyn residents through economic development and employment opportunities. CFLES offers a wide range of assistance, including such services as job readiness workshops, job counseling, computer, and ESL classes to Brooklyn residents who meet the program guidelines.

    Neighborhood Foster Family Care

    The Center for Family Life's foster care program provides a service that both allows foster children to remain in Sunset Park and enables foster care homes to work closely with the Center. A number of neighborhood families are licensed for this purpose and work closely with the Center staff and biological families toward reunification, without causing children the loss of school, friends, and parental bonds.

    Community Building

    The services and activities at the Center are designed to enrich personal and family functions, while also engaging in community building processes. The Center clearly sees its task as helping, in association with many other organizations, to create community. The Center was a founding member of the community district's Human Services Cabinet. In addition, the Center participates in various community committees and planning groups and in advocacy for systematic and institutional issues at the community and city level.

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