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A Brooklyn Family Tale - Educational Materials
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Luis volunteered at the Center's after-school program for four years

Educational Materials: Introduction

The educational outreach campaign for A BROOKLYN FAMILY TALE is designed to help faculty and students of social work view and discuss the practice of the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, an effective, neighborhood-based family service program. The following resource materials will also be of interest to social work practitioners and child and family service agencies.

The documentary, A BROOKLYN FAMILY TALE, produced by Roger Weisberg and Murray Nossel, follows the multiple members of a single family for three years, chronicling their aspirations and struggles as these evolved in their continuing relationship with the Center for Family Life.

Resource materials -- supporting classroom use of this film -- are drawn from a new book by Peg McCartt Hess, Brenda G. McGowan, and Michael Botsko. NURTURING THE ONE, SUPPORTING THE MANY: THE CENTER FOR FAMILY LIFE IN SUNSET PARK will be published by Columbia University Press later this year. The book reports on the comprehensive four-year study by Columbia University School of Social Work on social work practice at the Center. Readers interested in learning more about NURTURING THE ONE, SUPPORTING THE MANY, may contact Columbia University Press at (800) 944-8648.

The excerpted book material on this Web site, from a pre-publication version of the book, focuses on the background of the Center, its diverse services and intervention strategies, and the worker-family relationships and organizational support structures that lead to successful outcomes. A set of 40 questions is also presented to support classroom discussion of the film and the book's excerpted content. These questions are organized around the following topics: The Family and Family Assessment; The Helping Relationship; Self-determination: Youth/Teen Services; Family-Focused, Community-Centered Preventive Services; The Center for Family Life and Its Mission; and Belonging to the Community.

The outreach campaign is designed and managed by Outreach Extensions, a national consulting firm that specializes in comprehensive, high profile educational and community outreach campaigns for media projects. In addition, OE is spearheading a long-term outreach initiative that links selected public television stations in a series of campaigns to strengthen families and transform neighborhoods. The Making Connections Media Outreach Initiative, funded by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, includes this campaign for A BROOKLYN FAMILY TALE.

Many thanks to Peg McCartt Hess and Brenda McGowan for their extraordinary efforts in creating the educational content for this Web site and offering advice to the outreach campaign. We also thank Columbia University Press for allowing us to use pre-publication excerpts from their book.

We are grateful to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, whose generous support has made this project possible. The Foundation initially supported research on the Center for Family Life and published an evaluation report. They also funded the production of A BROOKLYN FAMILY TALE as well as this outreach campaign.

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