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From the creation of the world to its destruction by flood, from the first man and woman made in God's image to the intrigues of the patriarchs and matriarchs, from fratricide to reconciliation, from being called by God to calling on God -- for more than two thousand years Jews, Christians and Muslims have plumbed the stories from Genesis for their religious, moral and ethical meanings. In GENESIS: A LIVING CONVERSATION, Bill Moyers gathers thoughtful and engaging individuals -- Biblical scholars, writers, artists, psychotherapists, teachers, scientists, composers, lawyers, college presidents, journalists, members of the clergy, and translators -- to discover what the Genesis stories say to us today. The participants are passionate, animated, and full of surprises; the conversations are lively and thought-provoking. While discussing and debating, debunking and declaiming, participants take the Bible seriously as a sacred text while honoring a democratic spirit that is flexible and tolerant. "Often, we disagreed with each other," Moyers said, "and sometimes, the more we talked, the more we disagreed. But while talking together exposed our differences, it also brought us closer together. And sometimes we discovered that despite our differences, we shared our deepest values with people who seemed most unlike us."
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