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Resource Guide

TALKING ABOUT GENESIS: A RESOURCE GUIDE is a companion publication to the television series. It is intended as a resource for enhancing Genesis Discussion Groups. (As a sample, you can read the introductory essays to the Resource Guide by Bill Moyers, Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky and Reverend Christopher M. Leighton.)

  • You may download edited versions of each of the following ten chapters of the Resource Guide as a PDF (Portable Document Format). The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

    The First Murder

    In God's Image



    Call and Promise

    A Family Affair

    The Test

    Blessed Deception

    God Wrestling


  • Or, you can purchase a copy of the Resource Guide for $5.95 wherever books are sold or by calling Doubleday at 1-800-323-9872. In Illinois, call 847-768-7000.

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