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GET UP, STAND UP: The Story of Pop and Protest Flash Points
About the Program
Revolutionary Music
Flash Points
Great Depression
U.S. Labor Movement
Civil Rights
Vietnam War
Birth of Bangladesh
Central American Wars
Ethiopian Famine
War in Iraq
Explore some key historical events that inspired the music and share your thoughts.
Great Depression (1929-1940) In 1933, 15 million unemployed and 5,000 bank failures. U.S. Labor Movement (1930-1960) In 1945, 35% work force were in unions. Civil Rights (1954-1965) In 1960, 11 million blacks lived in the South.
Vietnam War (1956-1974) 1-2 million Vietnamese deaths; 58,148 U.S. soldier deaths; and $150-200 billion (cost of war). Birth of Bangladesh (1971) 8-10 million refugees; 1 million deaths; and $15 million raised by concert. Apartheid (1950-1990) South Africa's population (1970): 12,525,000 blacks, 3,900,000 whites, 2,170,000 coloreds
Central American Wars (1980-1990) El Salvador: 50,000 deaths; Guatemala: 100,000 deaths; Nicaragua: 15,000 deaths Ethiopian Famine (1984-1985) 8 million famine victims; 1 million deaths; and $100 million raised by Live Aid. War in Iraq (2003-) As of 9/2005, 2,131 coalition troop deaths and 1,934 U.S. troop deaths.

Photos: National Archives (top left, top right, and center left), and AP Photo/Douglas Engle (bottom left)

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