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GET UP, STAND UP: The Story of Pop and Protest Flash Points
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Birth of Bangladesh
Straving child from CONCERTS FOR BANGLA DESH album cover and George Harrison
Only months after one of the worst cyclones of the 20th century devastated its southern coast, killing almost 300,000 people, East Pakistan declared independence from its noncontiguous other half, West Pakistan, situated 1,000 miles away on the other side of Indian territory. The ensuing civil war fought in East Pakistan killed and displaced millions, driving most into neighboring India. The crush of refugees contributed to India's entry into the war, on the side of East Pakistan. Within a few weeks, Indian forces had defeated the Pakistan Army; the independent nation of Bangladesh was established. The region's most revered musician, Ravi Shankar, brought the plight of the displaced and suffering refugees to the attention of his friend, George Harrison, who helped organize the first ever large-scale benefit concert to provide humanitarian aid, the Concert for Bangla Desh at Madison Square Garden in August 1971.

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