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Ethiopian Famine

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By the mid-1980s, persistent drought, depleted harvests, and civil war contributed to a ruinous famine that affected large swaths of northern Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government was unable or unwilling to deal with the crisis, and their delayed appeal for outside assistance and resistance to providing food aid to victims in areas where they were battling insurgents put millions at risk for starvation, disease, and death. International aid agencies and many nations did send relief, but their efforts did not come soon enough to prevent the large loss of life. Television news reports with their graphic pictures of starving women and children put a human face on the famine's toll and raised awareness of the calamity, especially in the West. People around the world were galvanized to help by unique relief efforts spearheaded by musicians, notably Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. Two international singles were released, first in the United Kingdom and then in the United States, and an unprecedented , multination, multivenue music concert was organized, raising millions for famine victims.

Ethiopian famine victims

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