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GET UP, STAND UP: The Story of Pop and Protest Resources
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Revolutionary Music
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Pete Seeger on NPR
Pete Seeger

Go Listen to host Scott Simon's interview with the singer.

Turbulent Rockin' Sixties on PBS

Learn more about the special week of programs spotlighting the history and music of the decade.

Online Resources

Use the pull-down menu to find external Web sites for the artists featured in the program.

Centre for Political Song
Discover articles commissioned by the Centre about political music by songwriters, activists, and academics; lyrics to unpublished contemporary political songs; and a vast list of links to artists and organizations.

Music of Social Change
Find essays about protest songs and links to Web sites about the civil rights movement.

Life Every Voice: Protest Songs
The companion site to the University of Virginia Library's exhibit examining American music, Lift Every Voice includes a section about protest songs accompanied by audio clips and sheet-music pages from the library's collections. A FORCE MORE POWERFUL: We Were Soldiers: Freedom Songs
Find a section on key songs from the civil rights movement on this site about how popular movements used nonviolent resistance to win their struggles against oppressive governments and brutal regimes.

Protest Music as Responsible Citizenship
Read interviews with musicians Harry Belafonte, Holly Near, Bernice Johnson Reagon, and Pete Seeger, all of whom were invited to an event in September 2003 examining the interrelationship between protest, music, and citizenship. INDEPENDENT LENS: Strange Fruit
Listen to an excerpt of one of the most powerful songs of the 20th century, "Strange Fruit," made famous by singer Billie Holiday, and trace the history of protest music in the United States via the site's timeline.

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Explore the extensive music collection of the Smithsonian Institution's record label, featuring songs from the civil rights movement, folk traditions from around the world, blues, spirituals, and much more.

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