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Heritage Civilization and the Jews
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In the early middle ages, a distinctive feature of Jewish dress was the pointed or a funnel shaped hat worn by Jewish men throughout northern and western Europe. Its use was so widespread that by the twelfth century, the hat had become a Jewish symbol, proudly displayed on Hebrew manuscripts, medieval seals, and coats of arms. By the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, however, distinctive Jewish dress became less common. In the thirteenth century, the church, under Pope Innocent III, responded. "We decree that Jews of both sexes in every Christian province at all times shall be distinguished in the eyes of the public from other peoples by the character of their dress" (Fourth Lateran Council, 1215).

Biblical prophet wearing the Jewish hat, England, 13th cen. After a fresco in the Holy Sepulchre Chapel, Winchester Cathedral, England.
(From a History of Jewish Costume, by Alfred Rubens)

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