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Heritage Civilization and the Jews
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Anti-Semitic Nazi Propaganda

During the troubled period of the German Weimar Republic (1919-1933), many people sought simplistic explanations for the difficulties that beset their nation. Nazi propagandists blamed an "international Jewish conspiracy" for Germany's defeat in World War I. This passage from Adolf Hitler's manifesto, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), uses sexual imagery to demonize Jews as monsters bent on corrupting the German people.



For hours the black-haired Jew boy, diabolic joy in his face, waits in ambush for the unsuspecting girl whom he defiles with his blood and thus robs her from her people. With the aid of all means he tries to undermine the racial foundations of the people to be enslaved. Exactly as he himself systematically demoralizes women and girls, he is not afraid to pull down the barriers of blood and race for others on a large scale. It was and is the Jews who bring the negro to the Rhine, always with the same concealed thought and the clear goal of destroying, by the bastardization which would necessarily set in, the white race which they hate, to throw it down from its cultural and political height and in turn to rise personally to the position of master.

For a racially pure people, conscious of its blood, can never be enslaved by the Jew. It will forever only be the master of bastards in this world.

Thus he systematically tries to lower the racial level by a permanent poisoning of the individual.