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Heritage Civilization and the Jews
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Jewish Prisoners Singled Out

Jews were singled out for especially brutal treatment in the concentration camps. This eyewitness account of the mistreatment of Jewish prisoners was recorded by a released political prisoner in Paris, France in 1939.



The Jewish prisoners worked in special detachments and received the hardest tasks. They were beaten at every opportunity, for instance, if the space between the barrows with which they had to walk or even run over loose flints was not correctly kept. They were overwhelmed with abusive epithets such as "Sow Jew," "Filthy Jew" and "Stink Jew." During the working period the non-Jewish prisoners were issued with one piece of bread at breakfast -- the Jews with nothing. But the Jews were always paraded with the others to see the bread ration issued. . . .

When, during great heat it was allowed to fetch the water for the working detachment, it sometimes happened that Jews were forbidden to drink.