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Heroes of Ground ZeroHeroes of Ground Zero
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Firefighters described the scene of the World Trade Center collapse as like a war zone.

Katharine English

Roger Sherman

Katharine English

Katharine English is a Emmy nominated producer/director who has made many high profile documentaries all over the world. She flew to New York several days after September 11, 2001 with Assistant Producer Mira King and spent six weeks in the city making HEROES OF GROUND ZERO, "a remarkable and affecting piece of television," according to the LONDON TIMES. The production team included New Yorkers and Londoners.

Previously, Katharine directed SURVIVAL IN THE SKIES - THE DEATH OF TWA 800, a documentary following the rival FBI and NTSB investigations into the TWA 800 plane crash off Long Island. She also directed and narrated CANNIBAL - an authored film with some of the world's most notorious serial cannibals, filmed in Russia, Japan, and the United States - soon to be shown on HBO. Her great love is documentary, and she is currently in London making a film for the BBC about Narcolepsy.

Roger Sherman
Update Producer

Roger Sherman has been making documentaries for twenty-five years. A producer, director, cinematographer, and still photographer, his last film, RICHARD ROGERS: THE SWEETEST SOUNDS, was an American Masters PBS production. It was named one of the 10 Best films of 2001. ALEXANDER CALDER, a portrait of the inventor of the mobile, was an American Masters co-production. It won a Peabody Award and shared the American Masters season-winning Emmy. His other work has been honored with two Academy Award nominations and two CableAce nominations. DON'T DIVORCE THE CHILDREN, showing the troubling effects of divorce on children has become mandatory viewing in courts in a dozen states. THE O.J. SIMPSON TRIAL: BEYOND BLACK & WHITE chronicled the African-American perspective of the criminal justice system. Programs about history, social issues, and the environment have aired on NBC, PBS, The Learning Channel, and Lifetime Television.

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