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Heroes of Ground ZeroHeroes of Ground Zero
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In the wake of September 11, the city's normal firefighting tours did not resume until September 28, due to the large number of personnel working at Ground Zero.

James McGrath Morris has created a lesson plan for a government or civics class in grades seven through twelve. Consisting of a Power Point presentation on community needs and a group activity on community needs assessment, the lesson will encourage students to reflect on the meaning of community, examine the ways a community's needs may be determined, and evaluate the connection between the democratic health of a community and voluntary association.

About the Author
James McGrath Morris is a member of the social studies department of West Springfield High School, Springfield, Virginia and serves on the PBS TeacherSource Advisory Group. He joined Fairfax County Public Schools in 1996 after a career in journalism and publishing. During his first year of teaching Morris was nominated for the Sallie Mae First Class Teacher Award. As an author or editor, Morris has published four books. He is currently at work on a biography of a turn-of-the-century New York journalist to be published by Fordham University Press.

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