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Heroes of Ground ZeroHeroes of Ground Zero
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What's left of the eleventh floor of the World Trade Center resembles the two-fingered peace gesture.

Lesson Plan: Overview Lesson Plan Readings

This lesson is appropriate for civics and government classes, as well as any class that involves peer helping or a community service component. Students will learn one of the ways that citizens who are involved in a community may determine its needs. Incorporating a Power Point presentation on community and community needs assessment, the lesson will help students evaluate the connection between the democratic health of a community and voluntary association. It will consist of four to five 90-minute blocks in addition to some extensive outside-of-class work, although a shorter single 90-minute block derivation of the lesson is also possible. Reading excerpts from Alexis de Tocqueville's DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA and Robert Putnam's BOWLING ALONE can also be employed to extend the lesson by serving as a basis for discussion or a writing exercise.

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