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Photo of a fire truck Find out the answers to these firefighting trivia questions and satisfy your curiosity about the FDNY

Eighteen fire engines like this one were lost on September 11. Fifteen ladder trucks were lost, as well as over fifty ambulances, sedans, and other vehicles.

Here are six questions that you may have asked yourself once or twice about fire departments and firefighting. Although most of them constitute general firefighting trivia, many of the answers include facts about the history and procedures of the FDNY as well as information pertaining to the average firefighter.

Choose a Question

What is the origin of the odd-shaped firefighter hat? Do firefighters wear fireproof suits? Where can i get one?
Why are fire engines red? Did you know that Smokey the bear was inspired by FDNY chief Smokey Joe Martin? Firefighters on a roof
What is the difference between an engine and a ladder?
Why does the fire department respond when I call for an ambulance?
Why don't they call it the NYFD?

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