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Heroes of Ground Zero

In Their Words:

Captain Ken Erb

As far as retirements go, yeah early on I think a lot of people thought about retiring and retirements are up, but a large majority of people now that some time has gone by, you know they're not going, they're staying. But I mean retirements are up, maybe from family pressure, to retire now. Especially in the climate of the world, the way things are now and who knows what's going to happen next, you know, but several friends of mine that thought of retiring are not retiring, that were eligible to retire, so I think they've as time passed, sat down and thought it out and changed their minds.

The closeness of the guys has increased, you know, you not only rely on each other out in the field, take care of each other, watch each other's back, but maybe something that we in the past didn't want to confront but emotionally, you know we lean on each other. And so maybe that's one good thing, that if something good has to happen out of this, that's something that's positive.

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