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Heroes of Ground Zero

In Their Words:

John Sorrentino

You know, after all this time I still haven't had a chance to be that angry. It's just such chaos, and so busy, you know, trying to get myself through this, my family, all the guys we lost, their families. You know, everyone's going through so much that I think I don't have time to be angry. I mean every now and then, yeah, I get angry, but I spend more time just trying to take care of business and I really don't have a lot of time to be angry. I'm sure in the future I'll have it, but not right now.

We've had a few calls in the last few months where uh, one time we responded to a large office building. And it was it was a small fire in the building, but we had to evacuate a lot of people and it brought back memories of, you know, us walking upstairs and people coming down the stairs. And there was a minor earthquake a few months back. We were working that night, it was like two in the morning. All of a sudden the ground shook and we heard noise and we were like oh no here we go again. We all ran out in the street. It just turned out to be an earthquake, and we had to respond to a subway for a call, but, for that split second everybody probably had the same thought, though, please not another terrorist attack. So yeah, it's changed our view as far as working goes.

The last year has been the worst year of my life. It's anybody else will probably give you that same line, it's just, it's been unbelievable. We're getting through it, though. You know, we'll come out strong on the other end.

We do talk emotions with each other here. We've always been close, even before this happened. There's no secrets in this fire house. We pretty much know everything that goes on in everyone's life outside the firehouse, because we spend a lot of time together outside the firehouse. I see a therapist; there's a lot of other guys that see therapists. We don't hide that fact; we're not embarrassed about it, and that attitude has led other guys to be open about it. And other guys are getting the help too, and we talk to each other all the time. We do a lot of things on the outside. We had a golf outing recently that we have every year, you know, and we did it again. Because all these guys that left us, they used to come every year. So now we do things in their honor. We do a lot of things, and now we realize how important it is to do things together. You appreciate it more, and you remember things like that. We talk about it a lot and it helps us get through it.

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